blood sausage

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a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

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This develops the character of the fresh sausage as the blood sausage needs a good dose of sweet wood spices to balance the strong flavors of the other cured meats.
Each year in Normandy the French Confrrie des Chevaliers du Gote Boudin (or Brotherhood of Knights of Blood Sausage Tasting) holds an annual contest of international blood sausage specialities.
The Rawthorpe kids feature in Wednesday's episode, when Stef and his hungry volunteers make a blood sausage fit for a vampire.
And in San Francisco, the classic Bar Tartine ( menu now has Hungarian flair, with smoked blood sausage and pickled everything.
Bizarre World of Food: Brains, Bugs & Blood Sausage
For once, the New York Times publishes an unbelievably not-Jewish article: "Without Blood Sausage, It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas." [NYT]
Our first course of white bean soup with morcilla and bacon was an incomparable delight, blinding flavours from the soup and a stroke of genius to bang it together with blood sausage and bacon.
Every country in Europe where pigs are raised and consumed makes some version of blood sausage: Spain with its morcilla , the French with their boudin noir , and so on.
Wooden huts have been set up on the square, where merchants will offer visitors various Christmas-themed temptations, from handicraft candles and sweaters to mulled wine, sauerkraut and blood sausage. The market is also home to Tallinn's Santa Claus, who flies in to listen to children, whether naughty or nice, give their gift wishes.
gravy, red-eye venison, blood sausage, county of Bud Light girl posters.
blood sausage Being delicately balanced Around the edge of a plateau At
You could start with homemade Sea Buckthorn schnapps, smoked cheese and marinated pumpkin before choosing from the a la carte menu which is strongly influenced by the country's Nordic and Russian neighbours with dishes like sauerkraut, blood sausage, borsch and herring.
As a vegetarian, it's not gonna make me eat a rib, but now I know something interesting about blood sausage.
If you have a good deli near you or are able to shop online, buy Spanish black pudding or blood sausage - morcilla - which works beautifully in this dish.