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one related by blood or origin

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Type of blood relationship with husband was determined in terms of being a first cousin from mother's/father's side, second cousin, other blood relationship, or no blood relationship.
Here blood relationship is not the only binding force, other powers are present that to work for the interest of power or leader.
blood relationship requirement exists in [section] 1401; second, the INA
Isolated populations with a low index of migration in some regions of Uzbekistan condition an increased level of blood relationship (Kazanseva, 1999; Ubaidullaev, 2002).
AUNLESS I've misunderstood you, there is no blood relationship between your daughter and her step brother.
Darwin often questioned whether their blood relationship had contributed to their children's maladies.
Former Governor Philip Thon Leek, Sudan's Minister of transport, roads and bridges Government of National Unity (GoNU), who hails from Duk County and having a blood relationship with Lou Nuer community, says "it's shocking to hear of conflict between these communities [for] we are mixed." Like fellow peace seekers, Mr.
On the indispensability of the family blood relationship I cite this passage from Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed, III 49: It is known that Man needs lovers all his days.
Another analysis done at the Seoul National University College of Medicine showed the ''probability is high'' that Choi, 78, and Kim have a blood relationship.
There is no blood relationship here, which is important to know because this summer there is a lot of sexual tension between the two teenagers.
The women who are not in birth pains (who give birth metaphorically to children of Abraham by faith) can have many more children than the women who give physical birth (the Judeans who count descendency from Abraham in terms of blood relationship).
At the foot of the cross, I am brought into a new blood relationship with God and, therefore, with all who stand with me in faith and obedience to God.
The Qur'an complicated the issue of breastfeeding by introducing the notion of the forbidden milk relationship: a child who has nursed from a woman becomes not only a blood relation to the nursing woman, but also a milk sibling to others who shared her breast, a relationship that prevents future marriage to a complicated array of "relatives." Although the Qur'an does not explain why such relationships are forbidden, there is some indication in early medical thought that a woman's milk is a product of her blood, and so by ingesting it, a blood relationship is created.
"After all," Appell said, "when you consider that he has been with us nearly 31 years he is `one of the family' in all except a blood relationship sense."
But there is, as you've already found in your engagement, a lot more to a flesh and blood relationship.