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one related by blood or origin

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Table-1: Frequency and type of blood relationship with husband, and having had a say in choosing husband.
Therefore, while giving important place to blood ties in the formation of state, Ibn Khaldun states that the state is the natural goal of asabiyah, the importance and strength of asabiyah may result from close and direct blood relationships, but the state is more than just blood relationships and more than just leadership; it means superiority and the power to rule by force.
Having studied the problems of heredity and the role of blood relationship marriages in the development and duration of NSHL it was noted that in patients with heredity burden and especially in posterities of blood relationship marriages the disease has begun in the early periods of life, was rapidly progressing with having complications and not having the treatment effects.
We see here that while the blood relationship between son and father is still present in terms of a legal obligation, if there is a choice between the father and the teacher, the spiritual father, the latter takes precedence.
Although the Qur'an does not explain why such relationships are forbidden, there is some indication in early medical thought that a woman's milk is a product of her blood, and so by ingesting it, a blood relationship is created.
After all," Appell said, "when you consider that he has been with us nearly 31 years he is `one of the family' in all except a blood relationship sense.
But there is, as you've already found in your engagement, a lot more to a flesh and blood relationship.
The very title of the novel suggests that familial, blood relationship may not be an adequate, or at least the only legitimate, basis for identifying "our own.
The main characters have no blood relationship but are joined together out of an agreement, lived as much as verbalized, to be committed to being with each other.
We knew we weren't doing anything wrong because there is no blood relationship between us.
And that's very difficult when you have no blood relationship with them.
Currently, in an RESP that has more than one beneficiary, each beneficiary must be connected to the contributor by blood relationship or by adoption.
The custody battle that ensued has taken some baroque turns, but Orange County Superior Court Judge Nancy Weiben Stock seems to be clear about one thing: Cynthia Moschetta cannot be Marissa's mother because she "has no biological or blood relationship to the child.
The priority list continues with the spouse, adult son or daughter, parent, adult sibling and, finally, any blood relative in descending order of blood relationship.