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one related by blood or origin

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In this article, I look back at the taxonomy of Israeli post-second-intifada documentaries, which marked, as I have suggested elsewhere, an evolution from ethnonational-centric films via confrontation films to cooperation films, in order to revisit my concept of "blood relations" films, the final phase of this taxonomy.
Among women having a blood relation with their husbands, those who were married to their first cousins from their father's side reported highest proportion of ever having been subjected to all marital control behaviours studied.
Gurney and Charles Mee rewrite Greek drama, unmaking myth in Ellen McLaughlin's Helen and Saviana Stanescru and Richard Schechneer's YokastaS, West African myth in African-American theater, damaged myth in Caryl Churchill's The Skriker, Sharon Pollock's revision of legend and feminine myth in Blood Relations, and the cinematic myth of the wild west revised in Beth Henley's Abundance.
This is the same reason why women when they marry also keep their family name, to protect their lineage and so her blood relations and those of her children are known.
Are you more of a "Parenthood" or "Modern Family" brood of blood relations or a "Parks & Rec"/"Hart of Dixie" family of friends?
Together with the parents, "blood relations"was born.
She has largely kept her family out of the limelight - in 2010 she made headlines when it turned out that the women who were introduced as her mum and sister on an edition of All Star Family Fortunes were actually close friends rather than blood relations, but it is known that her real mother has passed away.
Blood Relations: Christian and Jew in The Merchant of Venice
RAWALPINDI, June 17 -- A couple, after entering a love marriage, has been forced to face physical violence as their blood relations want their separation, chairperson of Progressive Women Association Shahnaz Bukhari claimed during a press conference at her office on Wednesday.
Blood Relations: Christian and Jew in The Merchant of Venice, by Janet Adelman, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008.
Psychological thriller Blood Relations is the festival's drama offering and opens tomorrow at the Priory Theatre.
In Blood Relations, Janet Adelman boldly illustrates the problematic Jewish spectacle in Merchant of Venice, one that justifies theological and racial anxiety between Christians and Jews.
In all, "Blood Relations" is an interesting piece of historical speculation.
Blood Relations innovatively combines psychology, history, and theology; however, the argument is often tangled by its multiple methodologies: psychology proceeds via imaginative associations that are often irrational--productive for interpreting literature and sometimes theology, but often contrary to the logical imperatives of history.
METHOD: We have picked up two patients (case1 and case2) with approval from local ethics committee and informed consent from their blood relations. There were done in the intensive care unit of an emergency hospital in middle of Japan.