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one related by blood or origin

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Almost two-third marriages in Pakistan involved blood relations between spouses based on PDHS 2012-13 data.
It is surprising how the two arranged for a family visit visa for Renish although he had no blood relations with either of them," wondered P.
In an inquiry paper on thalassaemia, they called on families here to halt marriages between close blood relations in order to stop the spread of the disease.
Are you more of a "Parenthood" or "Modern Family" brood of blood relations or a "Parks & Rec"/"Hart of Dixie" family of friends?
We have created a space for people to become vir- tual blood relations - bloodrela- tions.
Blood Relations is the profound and elegant fruit of those seeds, and Adelman makes explicit its personal stakes: "For what is a Jewish Shakespearean to make of The Merchant of Venice if she wishes neither to convert Shakespeare by making him a kinsman or partisan of Shylock nor to convert herself into the normative Christian reader my interlocutor envisioned in 1968?
Another perspective is being offered and be it blood relations or biscuit sharing mates a fresh look is better than a stale stare.
RAWALPINDI, June 17 -- A couple, after entering a love marriage, has been forced to face physical violence as their blood relations want their separation, chairperson of Progressive Women Association Shahnaz Bukhari claimed during a press conference at her office on Wednesday.
In Blood Relations, Janet Adelman confronts her resistance to The Merchant of Venice as both a critic and a Jew.
Psychological thriller Blood Relations is the festival's drama offering and opens tomorrow at the Priory Theatre.
In Blood Relations, Janet Adelman boldly illustrates the problematic Jewish spectacle in Merchant of Venice, one that justifies theological and racial anxiety between Christians and Jews.
An alcoholic with a penchant for delivering caustic putdowns to his blood relations and their spouses, Henri is the prodigal son whose return from exile seems destined to be short-lived.
Blood Relations innovatively combines psychology, history, and theology; however, the argument is often tangled by its multiple methodologies: psychology proceeds via imaginative associations that are often irrational--productive for interpreting literature and sometimes theology, but often contrary to the logical imperatives of history.
In addition to her blood relations, she's got a big extended family of musical aunts and uncles who cover as baby-sitters when the demands of a two-career family--Mom's is momentarily on the back burner--arise.
The Gambino family is now divided into two groups, those who are blood relations of the Gambinos - led by Paul Castellano, Gambino's brother-in-law - and those who are not, led by Delia Croce,