blood relation

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one related by blood or origin

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Now a blood relation could become a guarantor for a loan seeker.
So far he has been desperate to protect Tommy from Fran and, of course, he is a blood relation of Siobhan.
Tia was not your blood relation, but there was the bond between you because of your relationship with Christine, and from time to time you referred to yourself as Tia's grandfather.
In the majority of states "kinship" is narrowly defined through blood relation, marriage, or adoption.
Knowlton over his estranged daughter, who is no blood relation to his wife.
That's 48 years of misrule, virtually the whole of my life, and the principal reason why I have never encouraged any of my four offspring to take the slightest interest whatsoever in our sport, though being a close blood relation to a Cheltenham fanatic means some are not entirely immune to the insistent pull of events at Prestbury Park.
Most Arab countries link nationality to blood relation from the father's side, disenfranchising women who face various forms of gender discrimination across the region.
Indeed, in a country where trust rarely exists, Kim Kyong-hui is the only blood relation whom Kim Jong-il has ever fully trusted.
He was a blood relation of John Andrew the well known 18th century smuggler from Saltburn.
The programme itself is little more than a freak show, a malevolent blood relation of Big Brother and X Factorstyle contests, which rely on the manipulation of naive and vulnerable wannabes for their mass appeal.
That is the least a human can do for another, let alone one's father or blood relation.
Dear Diary, Oh Mother" tells the story of Jade, a woman who finds out that the woman she looked up to has no blood relation to her.
Laughably, every supporting character seems to be a blood relation of Brett's gang, even the cafe waitress who threatens to kill Steve and Jenny with her icy stare over their full English breakfast.
She was not a blood relation so therefore not my concern.
If your aunt is a blood relation then having sex with her would be incest - a criminal offence.