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of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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We will also have our usual Blood Red quiz too, with a great prize - a full set of Liverpool's home Champions League programmes from this season - including THAT night against Barcelona.
Pre-sale tickets went on sale at yesterday and can be accessed by ordering Rod's new album 'Blood Red Roses'.
Blood Red Clothing's waterproof pouches retail for P1,300 without the jack and P1,450 with it.
The Earth's atmosphere also blocks parts of the sunlight's spectrum, leaving only the longer wavelengths that give the Moon a reddish orange or blood red hue .
Griffith Taylor- an Australian Geologist, had discovered a blood red stream pouring out of the ice cascades of Taylor Glacier!
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong S.A.R., October 31, 2015 --( Blood Red Clothing is proud to be the official sailing gear sponsor for the upcoming 2015 Asian Open Regatta, happening on 31st October to 1st November in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.
It's believed five million people have flocked to see the blood red wave of ceramic poppies laid out on the tower's banks.
London, Apr 17 ( ANI ): A church in the US has claimed that the total lunar eclipse that turned the moon a dark blood red was a "sign" from God and fulfilled an ancient prophecy foretold in the Bible.
BLOOD red lips and noir coloured nails - Halloween is the perfect excuse for a bit of ghoulish glamour.
Mercy is representational, in name and deed, as are most characters in "Blood Red Road," a symbolically rich fantasy.
In many ways it's a simple story told in simple prose--but there is a complexity to this simplicity that makes Blood Red Road a truly remarkable reading experience." SARA GUNDELL
A BLOOD red sky is expected over Ireland tomorrow morning during rush hour when there will be a total eclipse of the moon.
Good varieties include North Holland Blood Red, a purplish-red variety to be sown in spring, which if left to keep growing produces delicious red onions which will see you into winter.
BLOOD RED SHOES - BOX OF SECRETS Two-piece Blood Red Shoes' debut is a whirlwind of dissatisfaction, angst and barely repressed rage, the quintessential sound of music created because there was simply nothing better to do.