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of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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The Earth's atmosphere also blocks parts of the sunlight's spectrum, leaving only the longer wavelengths that give the Moon a reddish orange or blood red hue .
Once again, Blood Red Clothing will be providing official event rash guards, caps as well as custom made wooden trophies.
London, Apr 17 ( ANI ): A church in the US has claimed that the total lunar eclipse that turned the moon a dark blood red was a "sign" from God and fulfilled an ancient prophecy foretold in the Bible.
BLOOD RED SHOES - BLOOD RED SHOES BRIGHTON'S best twosome returns with what is, incredibly, their fourth album.
The Old Square, Corporation Street, site where the Tony Hancock statue stands was "yarnbombed" with striking blood red wool strands.
BLOOD red lips and noir coloured nails - Halloween is the perfect excuse for a bit of ghoulish glamour.
Blood Red Shoes Lost Kids WRITTEN amidst the London riots, Blood Red Shoes forego flag waving, but manage to pack a punch with this mature slice of anthemic alt-rock.
In many ways it's a simple story told in simple prose--but there is a complexity to this simplicity that makes Blood Red Road a truly remarkable reading experience.
A BLOOD red sky is expected over Ireland tomorrow morning during rush hour when there will be a total eclipse of the moon.
Swim in the blood red water if you dare on Sunday, November 2, at the pool complete with nightclub-style lighting rig and Devils Disco.
BLOOD RED SHOES - BOX OF SECRETS Two-piece Blood Red Shoes' debut is a whirlwind of dissatisfaction, angst and barely repressed rage, the quintessential sound of music created because there was simply nothing better to do.
Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes walked on to less than 30 people and even with the capacity reduced for the event, it must have looked horrific from the stage.
Once again, Susan Aglukark shares her beautiful melodies and uplifting rhythms in her latest release entitled Blood Red Earth.
The second in a trilogy set during the Crusades, sequel to Blood Red Horse, this novel finds brothers Will and Granville older and somewhat battle scarred, both physically and emotionally.