blood pudding

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a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

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Rice porridge with blood, sliced braised innards, intestines stuffed with blood pudding
My uncles liked fried bread and blood pudding, bacon and eggs, porridge oats, fish and chips in newspaper, hot peas in vinegar, and Spam sandwiches.
Second, it would delay my execution because it's so hard to find." He draws the line only at buffalo lung: "They used to make a congealed blood pudding mixed with buffalo lung.
When Judge Adam, in absolute denial of the suffering which surrounds him, feasts on such luxuries as blood pudding (purchased by funnelling funds from fines he has exacted), the petty callousness of his courtroom demeanor takes on the profound resonance of indifference as complicity.
Thankfully we didn't encounter the blood pudding sausage or beef intestines that we read at other places on the menu.
The recipe for this dish is no longer around, though I imagine it to be similar to the Czech prdelacka, which is a pork blood soup with onions, garlic and potatoes (though the Czechs make blood pudding first out of the blood then mash this to melt into a soup).
Snapshot author Craig Robertson will be demonstrating the recipe he created for the Killer Cookbook - blood pudding with pan-fried scallops and apple.
Mains included the likes of bold meaty offerings such as spicy blood pudding and apple, PS11.50, and braised rabbit and trotters with mustard and tarragon, PS13.50, local plaice, bacon and mussels, PS16.50 and grilled pork chop, braised red cabbage and prunes, PS16.
Traditional Irish dishes like Drisheen - a type of blood pudding made from a mixture of sheep and beef - sit easily alongside Mediterranean olives and takeaway Thai curries.
Irish sausage and blood pudding (a sausage made with pig's blood) shared a plate with Dubliner and porter cheddar cheeses, an excellent chutney, spicy mustard and Irish brown bread.
Not for the faint-hearted, the pot contains (among other things) freshly made blood pudding, chick peas and pork ribs.
Korsmeyer, author of Making Sense of Taste: Food & Philosophy, did not come to this conclusion easily, She has spent years analyzing recherche tastes--the appeal of peppers so hot that they have been used as punishment; the poisonous sections of food that surround succulent and edible parts; blood puddings; overripe fruits; meats and vegetables whose toxins require careful flushing before they relinquish edible substances; decaying cheese....
A: I salt it to help it coagulate, which is steamed and can be used in blood puddings, etc.