blood pudding

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a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

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Traditional Irish dishes like Drisheen - a type of blood pudding made from a mixture of sheep and beef - sit easily alongside Mediterranean olives and takeaway Thai curries.
He draws the line only at buffalo lung: "They used to make a congealed blood pudding mixed with buffalo lung.
Thankfully we didn't encounter the blood pudding sausage or beef intestines that we read at other places on the menu.
Snapshot author Craig Robertson will be demonstrating the recipe he created for the Killer Cookbook - blood pudding with pan-fried scallops and apple.
Not for the faint-hearted, the pot contains (among other things) freshly made blood pudding, chick peas and pork ribs.
Irish sausage and blood pudding (a sausage made with pig's blood) shared a plate with Dubliner and porter cheddar cheeses, an excellent chutney, spicy mustard and Irish brown bread.
A: I salt it to help it coagulate, which is steamed and can be used in blood puddings, etc.