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the pressure of the circulating blood against the walls of the blood vessels

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Tekturna was effective across all demographic subgroups, but African American patients tended to have smaller reductions in blood pressure than Caucasians and Asians, as is generally true for drugs that affect the renin-angiotensin system, a component of blood pressure regulation.
A recent report suggests that it may also help with blood pressure regulation.
NO is an important mediator in a number of essential biological functions such as blood pressure regulation, neurotransmission and host defense.
Shepherd was a giant in cardiovascular physiology who made fundamental observations about blood pressure regulation in humans and many other elements of cardiovascular control.
According to the study, wild blueberry consumption (2 cups per day, human equivalent) for 8 weeks was shown to regulate and improve the balance between relaxing and constricting factors in the vascular wall, improving blood flow and blood pressure regulation of obese Zucker rats with metabolic syndrome.
Role of leptin in blood pressure regulation and arterial hypertension.
We have shown that those with chronic fatigue also have problems with blood pressure regulation which, in turn, has important consequences for muscle, cardiac and brain function.
Nearly 99% of the mineral is found in the bones, also known as our calcium CybanksCO, and the remaining 1% is stored throughout the body where it assists in other important bodily functions such as muscle contraction and heart beat, supports the function of the nervous system and also plays a role in blood pressure regulation.
Like other antihypertensive agents, aliskiren (Tekturna) targets the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), which plays an important role in blood pressure regulation, water and salt balance, and tissue growth control.
In addition to its well-known nephrotoxity, chronic exposure to low-level Cd has been associated with a number of pathologies, such as end-stage renal failure, early onset of diabetic renal complications, osteoporosis, deranged blood pressure regulation, and increased cancer risk (IARC 1993; IPCS 1992; Jarup et al.
But because many physiological systems influence blood pressure regulation, researchers have had a hard time teasing out the contributions of specific genes and their biological products'
These genes were not previously suspected to play a role in blood pressure regulation, but if they are lost, the kidney can't put the brakes on salt reabsorption, resulting in hypertension," said Richard Lifton, Sterling Professor and chair of the Department of Genetics at Yale and senior author of the paper.
Research presented at American Heart Association meeting shows Concord grape juice contributes to healthy blood pressure regulation
It appears to impair blood pressure regulation and heart rate variability and to increase the risk of developing heart disease, according to Toxicological Effects of Methylmercury, a 2000 report by the National Research Council.
Blood pressure regulation in humans, he points out, may involve anywhere from 20 to 50 genes.
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