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tiny bits of protoplasm found in vertebrate blood

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The dose-limiting toxicities were elevation of liver enzymes, which was reversible, and diminished levels of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia) at doses above the maximum tolerated dose.
This milestone marks the continuing advancements we are making in both blood platelet and donor organ preservation technologies.
One side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatments is a severe reduction in blood platelets, the cells necessary for blood to clot and for wounds to heal.
et al: Recombinant glycosylated human Interleukin-6 accelerates blood platelet count recovery in radiation- induced bone marrow depression in baboons.
The blood platelet donation takes 45-60 minutes depending on the weight of the donor then the donor can practice his normal daily activities without fear.
The company says in a press release that it believes its platelet technology has the potential to double the storage time for blood platelets and essentially eliminate bacterial problems.
Robert Williams makes his 250th blood platelet donation, more than any other donor, Tuesday at City of Hope in Duarte.
July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Patients who received blood platelet transfusions during coronary bypass surgery were more likely to have prolonged hospital stays, longer surgeries, more bleeding and higher risk of infection, stroke and death, according to an international study led by the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.
HyperBaric Systems (BULLETIN BOARD: HYRB) , a biomedical company working with blood platelet preservation technologies, announced today that it has retained Hawk Associates, Inc.
Payyapilli reached ninth place by identifying a factor affecting blood platelet aggregation.
Masuda will answer questions about their Blood Platelet and Human Donor Organ Preservation Platforms and their recent announcement to move into the BioFuels Sector.
Symptoms: Signs of leukemia include easy bruising or bleeding (due to a blood platelet deficiency), paleness or easy fatigue (due to anemia), recurrent minor infections or poor healing of minor cuts (due to impaired white cell function).
But he cautions that the question remains whether the new preparation inhibits blood platelet clotting, a widespread use of aspirin.
Clearance of the Company's supplemental NDA provides for even broader use of Agrylin as the only drug indicated for treating thrombocythemia (elevated blood platelet count) in ET, PV, CML, and other myeloproliferative disorders.
The findings, reported in two scientific articles in the June 16 issue of Nature, are the first step in developing an effective treatment for thrombocytopenia -- a serious, sometimes fatal drop in blood platelet counts that often results as a side effect of intensive chemotherapy.