blood money

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compensation paid to the family of a murdered person

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a reward for information about a murderer

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paid to a hired murderer

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KARACHI: Seven years after he was jailed for unintentionally killing four people in a 2013 road accident along a Makkah highway, Zahir Hussain Zar Khan, a truck driver, finally returned home to Pakistan on Monday after the Saudi bait-ul-maal social welfare organization paid his blood money last month.
So beware, what goes out comes in and there is a price you have to pay for everything, including 'blood money'.
A divisional bench headed by Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh and comprising Justice Omar Sial heard the plea regarding delays in the release of prisoners due to non-payment of blood money.
'If we follow the divine way, our hands would tremble before stretching them to receive bribe money, which is blood money. We must all do a lot of soul-searching and keep ourselves closer to God,' Muheria said.
The family of the victim refused to execute an affidacvit of forgiveness in exchange for blood money.
It's just unfortunate that this particular case in Sharia Law does not apply where blood money can be a reason to stop the execution,' Panelo added.
It was revealed that the PTI's nominee for Punjab CM had paid blood money to resolve a murder case against him after a court found him and his companions guilty in January 2000.
The directive, which was approved by the cabinet in July, earmarks 30 billion rials (now about $300,000) to cover such unpredicted costs as blood money payments and compensation for damage inflicted by wildlife.
Singh Oberoi pays blood money to victim's family to secure pardon
The Commission on Audit has demanded the return to the national treasury of some P44.8 million in blood money that remained unutilized and unable to save the lives of two overseas Filipino workers who were executed in the Middle East in 2015 and 2017.
Summary: Jail authorities mobilise millions of dirhams to help prisoners pay blood money and financial debts
DUBAI -- Four 'Good Samaritans' have come forward and paid for a Pakistani prisoner's release in UAE, after paying the Dh100,000 in blood money.
KARACHI -- The family of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud, who was killed in a 'fake encounter' last month allegedly by former SSP of Malir Rao Anwar, on Thursday ruled out any compromise with the suspended accused officer in the name of Diyat, or blood money, minutes after the reports of a possible deal between the two sides hit the news channels' headlines.
The family of a Ras Al Khaimah worker who was strangled to death, by his friend, pardoned the killer in return for blood money.
Khartoum, 19 March (SUNA)- The Chief Justice, professor Haidar Ahmed Dafalla, has issued a criminal circular No 4-2016, amending the value of the full Diayya or blood money, as stipulated in circular 3-2009, to stand now at three hundred and thirty thousand (330,000) pounds.