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Don't look at the differences but look at what makes us the same -- our blood line. Yes, the blood of Jesus!
He fashioned his plate of tuna on a bed of salvaged radish greens, incorporating them into a pesto, slicing the radish into the dish and using the usually tossed blood line of the fish in an aioli.
The zoo's Speke's Gazelle herd appeared to be derived from a founder group with no new genetic contribution from new founders; therefore the zoo looked to introduce a new blood line in 2013 -- two male gazelles from Wadi Al Safa Wildlife Centre in Dubai.
So last year the zoo decided to introduce a new blood line. After careful coordination, the two gazelles arrived at Al Ain Zoo and were initially housed in quarantine for one month.
Co Roscommon through the Mapother family, new evidence proves a blood line lived in Co Dublin.
Their new Bad Blood line is not only exciting, with special appeal to the oft-ignored youth market, but also easy on the wallet, which has a broad appeal to many budget-minded knife users in a down economy.
According to the companies, a USD100m drug trial will begin next year in the isolated villages of Antioquia, Columbia, where a genetic mutation in the community's blood line has led to a higher concentration of Alzheimer's sufferers than anywhere else in the world.
The war hero was the “first born” of a proud Japanese family whose culture dictates the family blood line be carried on through the first born son.
The first family was putting on its Irish, a blood line that runs through Obama's veins, Fox news reported.
RAWALPINDI, October 28, 2011 (Frontier Star): Commissioner Rawalpindi Zahid Saeed has said Punjab Government is launching Punjab Blood Line Project (PBLP) from today till November 03 for the registration of blood donors.
The American pipeline system is the blood line to our energy infrastructure and must grow and be maintained to connect the sources and users of oil, gas and petroleum products."
One shows how components in blood line up to prepare for healing; the other demonstrates the best shape to use for man-made nanoparticles that target cancers -- a surfboard.The different components that move through our blood stream are not evenly distributed.
Kim Jong Il's words indicating that the blood line is important in the matter of succession were also reported recently.
To remove fluid from these patients we either added powdered glucose to the bath, and/or squashed the blood line below the venous chamber with a 'gate clamp' to increase the pressure in the blood circuit.
America was the first nation to be founded not upon blood line or kinship, but upon principles and ideals.