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a knot used for tying fishing leaders together


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The petition and outrage surrounding APT's Blood Knot, and APT's subsequent statements defending their casting, have since sparked a debate about what role metaphor, playwrights' intention, and history can (or should) play in these complicated decisions.
"Vaughan," he noted, "gave me insight in the art of exploring poetic language and translating that into action." That combination of poetry and action is serving Sand well with "Blood Knot."
Serote mistakenly included The Blood Knot in this group, but even that play, developed as a two-hander by Fugard for himself and Zakes Mokae in Johannesburg in 1961, reflects a more transgressive urge than has generally been admitted--it was, after all, The Blood Knot which first proposed a kind of theatre involving performers crossing the racial divide to fulfill their given roles as characters whose destinies are intimately, indissolubly linked.
and the boys, A Lesson from Aloes, A Place With the Pigs and The Road to Mecca, along with important revivals of Boesman and Lena, Hello and Goodbye and The Blood Knot.
Blood Knot (1961), the first play ever performed in South Africa with a mixed cast, Hello and Goodbye (1965), and Boesman and Lena (1969) form a trilogy dealing with family relationships in and around Portuguese Elizabeth, Fugard's home and the setting for most of his plays.
Back-to-back uni-knots also work well in coupling backing to mainline--much stronger than a blood knot.
To get the most bites I usually go with 3 feet of 10- to 20-pound fluorocarbon leader attached directly to the mainline with a blood knot. Start with the heavier leader and drop down if needed.
Zakes and I had just started to work together on The Blood Knot. We were rehearsing at night, because we needed to earn money during the day.
Mordecai transferred five Richards/Wilson collaborations from Yale to Broadway: "Ma Rainey," "Joe Turner's Come and Gone," "Two Trains Running" and the playwright's two Pulitzer Prize-winning dramas, "Fences" and "The Piano Lesson." Mordecai's other Yale-to-Gotham transfers included productions of "A Walk in the Woods," "Blood Knot," "A Long Day's Journey into Night" and "Ah, Wilderness!"
In fact, one of the actors who was doing Blood Knot in South Africa once said to me, "If you haven't been in Athol Fugard's plays, then you know nothing." I got very angry, because all I had worked with were black directors, and the situation being what it is in South Africa I said: "How can you dare say that?
A nonpolitical three-character play about white South Africians may seem a departure for the author of such tragedies about apartheid as The Blood Knot and "Master Harold" ...
He uses a blood knot to attach 20 feet of 30-pound flourocarbon.
11, by inviting audiences to tell their own coming out stories; and Upstream Theater performs Athol Fugard's Blood Knot.
This is, after all, the play that beat John Guare's "The House of Blue Leaves," Athol Fugard's "Blood Knot" and Michael Frayn's "Benefactors" for the 1986 Tony.
"A play that never ended," is Athol Fugard's recollection, in a conversation with me in 1986, of the first performance of The Blood Knot: it went on for four hours "on a terrible little stage, only about six inches high at one end." The momentous event took place in Johannesburg in 1961 with Fugard and Zakes Mokae playing Morrie and Zach.