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[USPRwire, Thu Aug 22 2019] This report studies the current as well as future prospects of the global Blood Group Typing Market .
[ClickPress, Thu Aug 22 2019] This report studies the current as well as future prospects of the global Blood Group Typing Market .
Global Blood Group Typing Research Report: by Technique (Assay-Based Techniques, Other), by Test Type (Antibody Screening, HLA Typing, Other), by Product and Service (Consumables, Instruments, Services), by End-User (Hospitals, Other)- Forecast Till 2023
It has been reported that Caucasian population with Blood group O have higher admission rates in hospital for epistaxis compared with the general population.
An individual's blood type is considered to be rare because one individual with this rare blood group can be found in 1,000 screened blood donors.
Blood group B was significantly more common among diabetic subjects (p-value <0.05), whereas blood group A was significantly less common in diabetic subjects as compared to non-diabetic subjects (p-value O>A>AB and Rh+ve>Rh-ve1,17-18.
Furthermore, blood group type, that is, ABO and Rh were analyzed to know blood group of the individual.
Blood group system is associated with various diseases including gastric, duodenal ulcer, Hepatitis-B,3 vascular diseases, abdominal aortic aneurism and type 2 diabetes mellitus.4 Statistics now reveal that Blood group "A" has the highest prevalence of breast cancer (45.8%) and blood group "AB" has a low (6.2%) incidence of breast cancer.
Lynne Willdigg, Associate Director of Donor Services at SNBTS, said: "There are eight different blood groups and we aim to maintain a five to seven day supply at all times of each one.
"For example, O Positive is Scotland's most common blood group, so we must welcome 191 people with this blood group every day.
He needed up to 20 units of B negative, a rare blood group for his operation, according to information collected here on Monday.
Shamee Shastry from the blood bank of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal identified a rare blood group called 'pp' or 'P null' phenotype.
Its director, Dr Asbullah Sudin, said the hospital was in need of supply of all blood groups, especially O blood group, to cope with emergencies which required five to eight bags daily.
More than eight of 10 (81 per cent) blood group A people developed diarrhoea that required treatment, as compared with about half of people with blood group B or O.
FRIDAY, May 18, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The EtpA adhesion molecule, which is secreted by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) strain H10407, is a dominant ETEC blood group A-specific lectin/hemagglutinin, according to a study published online May 17 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.