blood feud

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a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other


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For an example of how the blood feuds of the past can poison the present, one need look no further than the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.
Television broadcasters said there had been a blood feud between two families in the small village in recent years.
All Danny needs now is an arch rival and Corrie will have recreated the historic Baldwin/Barlow blood feud.
The memory is still vivid in the region that Britain's two-tongued diplomacy sowed the seeds of the long-running blood feud between Palestinians and Jews.
It's Blood Feud I, and if it were any more fetching, it would be a made-for-cable event.
Mr Karzai, the country's interim leader, suggested that the killing was linked to a blood feud dating back to the struggle against the Taliban.
The sense of guilt was transferred from the corporate responsibility of the blood feud to the sphere of the individual conscience and became the sense of sin and produced its correlative, the act of repentance" (180).
Behind the blood feud is the principle of "male honor" -- i.
POLICE chiefs fear that gangster Reggie Kray's private dossier could spark a Mafia-style blood feud.
He also told police that the blood feud he his family had in the native Dattakhel (Miranshah) area had been settled.
We believe the shooting was part of a blood feud between two itinerant families.
The two most glamorous men, named Karch (Kiraly) and Sinjin (Smith), have a blood feud over the marketing and running of the beach game, and that feud involves a bitter war between rival beer companies.
Referring to an incident where journalists were accused of being terrorist members, E[pounds sterling]berall said: "Erdoy-an's blood feud [against those who are critical of the government] continues after the AK Party's election victory.
In Naurang city, one Nazirullah was shot dead by Obedullah over blood feud.