blood dyscrasia

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any abnormal condition of the blood

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If eye drops also prescribed, apply only at night Apply two times a day, continue 48 hours after resolution Contraindications Personal or family history of blood dyscrasia, myelosuppression, concurrent use of myelotoxic drugs, history of allergic or toxic reaction to chloramphenicol or its excipients As above History of allergic or toxic response to fusidic acid or its excipients
A Swedish study looking at spontaneous reports of blood dyscrasias with dipyrone estimated the reported incidence of agranulocytosis to be approximately 1:1,400, considerably higher than previous studies.
1) As such, a detailed history of prescription and nonprescription medication use must be obtained--particularly in the setting of blood dyscrasias.
Agranulocytosis and other blood dyscrasias associated with dipyrone (metamizole).
Systemic factors include a vascular disorder, a blood dyscrasia, a hematologic malignancy, allergy, malnutrition, alcohol use, hypertension, a drug reaction, and infection.