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Thalassaemia is a genetic blood disorder and treatment for those with thalassaemia major included regular blood transfusions as well as medications.
Thalassemia is a blood disorder which passes down through families and results in an insufficient amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which is responsible for carrying oxygen.
approval in our newly formed rare blood disorders franchise, and we look forward to continuing to provide important medicines for people living with these very serious diseases," Brandicourt said.
PESHAWAR -- The health department has sought the allocation of half of the beds at the Bone Marrow Transplant Centre of Islamabad's Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for its residents, insisting 90 per cent of the countrywide cases of blood disorders are reported in the province.
The support cheque was presented to Dr Hilal Saeed Al Shidhani, Chairman of Oman Hereditary Blood Disorder Association, by Mr Mazin Mahmoud Al Raisi, Senior Assistant General Manager of Marketing and Customer Experience at Bank Sohar's Head Office.
That pathway, the TPO/MPL/JAK2 pathway, is already targeted by eltrombopag and romiplostin for the blood disorder idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP), and eltrombopag for aplastic anemia.
In the suit, the EEOC charged that the company had violated federal law by firing the brothers because of a blood disorder that runs in their family.
Haemophilia, a little known blood disorder, is turning out to be a plague with more than 50,000 people affected.
A RARE blood disorder may have given rise to the myth of vampires, according to scientists.
THE family of a young girl battling a rare blood disorder have appealed for a "hero" who could save her life.
With more than six million people registered to save a life with DKMS worldwide, it says that people from the city have been some of the most supportive in helping it save the lives of those with a blood cancer or blood disorder.
Muscat: In a shocking revelation, it was found that 60 per cent of Omanis carry genes for blood disorders. The most common blood disorder is the D6PD deficiency, with 28 per cent of males and 12 per cent of females carrying the disease, according to Dr.
3.5 to 4.7:1000 live births have blood hereditary diseases and 60% of the Sultanate's population have genes for genetic blood disorders.The most common genetic blood disorder in the Omani society is the G6PD deficiency as 28% of males and 12% of females have the gene of the disease.
A lack of exercise was found to contribute to complications in 35pc of blood disorder patients, while smoking was a factor in 28pc.
The Hilton Cyprus hotel, concluded a Blood Donation Campaign for the children with Mediterranean Blood Disorder (Mesogiaki Anemia), under the supervision of the Blood Donation Unit of Cyprus.