blood corpuscle

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The blood corpuscles, such as leukocytes, erythrocytes, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelets were determined using an automatic hematological analyzer (VET abc, Montpellier, France) within 2 h after blood sampling.
0 to prevent coagulation, and genomic DNA was extracted from white blood corpuscles.
It has also been proposed that acute pancreatitis may occur due to multiorgan failure or capillary thrombosis caused by parasitized red blood corpuscles (11, 12).
White blood corpuscles gather at "hotspots" like infections and inflammations.
Increasing the release of oxygen from the carrier molecule haemoglobin from the red blood corpuscles
05), increasing the number of blood corpuscles such as white blood cells, haemaglobin and platelets in circulation.
We only exist as the blood corpuscles that course through its arteries, and if it could work without us, it would let us die.
On certain problems in the physiology of the blood corpuscles.
During Seek & Destroy more than 100 big, black, branded beachballs fell from the rafters like diseased blood corpuscles.