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Synonyms for component

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Synonyms for component

one of the individual entities contributing to a whole

serving as part of a whole, as a nondetachable part of a larger unit

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Synonyms for component

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On univariate analysis the risk factors found to be significant in study were: (a) Hypoglycemia, b) Seizures, c) Oxygen therapy (Fio2 >50], d) Anemia, e) Blood component, f) Packed cells, g) Transfusion (ml/kg).
Bioactive lipids: Blood components accumulate intermediate metabolic products, such as bioactive lipids and lysophosphatidylcholine species ([C.sub.16], [C.sub.18], lyso-PAF), which are breakdown products of membrane lipids.
"We would also need a new dedicated blood bank computer system to document the processing of the blood components and provide the latest world standard ISBT labelling to minimise the risks of transfusing blood wrongly," Merenkov added.
After review of a number of potential markers, the studies validated that reduction of a plasma protein present in blood and blood components directly correlated with reduction of infectious prion.
Experimental screening tests were implemented to help identify viremic donations and prevent NAT reactive blood components from entering the blood supply.
"The Intercept Platelet System is paving the way in our comprehensive approach to the inactivation of pathogens in all three transfusion blood components."
Thus, the first and most important step in the culturing of blood components is increasing the clinician's awareness for the infectious complication, and recognition of clinical symptoms and signs in recipients of transfusion.
Now, researchers studying the blood component called platelets have stumbled upon evidence that might implicate the drug instead of the sex.
The fine of $5.7 million will be added to $10 million in previous FDA penalties and involves such issues as quality assurance, inventory management, control of non-conforming blood products, donor screening, and blood component manufacturing.
I like to refer them to an article published by The Task Force on Blood Component Therapy of the American Society of Anesthesiologists: Anesthesiology, which says: "The principal conclusions of the task force are that red blood cell transfusions should not be dictated by a single hemoglobin "trigger" but, instead, should be based on the patient's risks of developing complications of inadequate oxygenation.
Platelets, which are used to treat patients with serious illnesses, such as cancer, are the blood component most vulnerable to bacterial infection, since they must be stored at room temperature to retain their blood-clotting functions.
Unpublished data presented by thescientists at last week's DNA/Hybridoma Congresses in San Francisco suggest this gene-therapy technique may have the potential to someday cure hemophilia, the genetic disease characterized by lack of a blood component essential to normal clotting.