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a semisolid mass of coagulated red and white blood cells


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Currently, 50% of blood clots are detected in autopsy.
Joseph is the same hospital where Mahony was treated in 1998 for a blood clot in his right lung that he developed after prostate surgery.
But one thing is clear: Blood clots are enormously more important than researchers used to think.
Concluded Dutcher, "The Spiroflex catheter family is one more example of our commitment to product innovation and the development of new, more specialized catheter models designed to safely and efficiently remove blood clots from throughout the body.
People with atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart beat) are at an increased risk of forming a blood clot in the heart, which can travel to the brain, causing a stroke, or to other parts of the body.
SIR - This week sees the launch of "Ask about Clots" - a campaign to prevent patients dying from blood clots while in hospital.
ANTI-PSYCHOTIC drugs could increase the risk of blood clots, experts warned.
The first study, headed by Dutch researchers, observed that overall taking the pill was linked with a five-fold increased risk of venous thrombosis, a blood clot that forms in a vein, reports the BBC.
They quickly determined he was suffering from a blood clot and that immediate brain surgery was required to save his life and prevent serious brain damage.
May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) is teaming up with the Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon (TRM) to raise funds that will support the organization's efforts to increase public awareness about potentially life-threatening blood clots and blood clotting disorders.
What's more, another analysis of the WHI data reveals that women taking estrogen were more likely to develop blood clots than were women getting dummy pills.
This is because BB-10153 is activated by thrombin, which is only produced at the site of a fresh blood clot.
Chatsworth football player Juan Carlos Rodriguez is in fair condition, awake, alert and talking at UCLA Medical Center after undergoing emergency surgery early Friday morning to remove a blood clot, a UCLA spokesman said.
In one patient evaluated for filter retrieval at day 46, the decision was made to leave the filter in place as a pre-retrieval cavagram revealed a large blood clot trapped within the filter, suggesting the filter successfully protected against PE.
Deep vein thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms in the deep veins of the legs, pelvis, or arms.