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Synonyms for capillary

a tube of small internal diameter

any of the minute blood vessels connecting arterioles with venules

long and slender with a very small internal diameter


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Abby Cormack, 26, hopes that the potentially dangerous tests, to take place next month, will show that the ingestion of aspartame causes an aberration of blood capillary and neuron function.
Crodarom Blue Lotus PG contains bioflavonoids, which are known for their antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory properties and ability to improve blood capillary strength.
This filtration occurs in more than 1 million nephrons, each of which contains a blood capillary (the glomerulus) intertwined with a urine-collecting tubule.
During development, the coordinated branching of the breathing tubes and blood capillary tubes culminates in their co-alignment in the mature lung.
Contract award: delivery of reagents, calibrators, controls, and consumables to the analyzer acid-base balance of critical parameters; reagents, calibrators, controls, and consumables for analyzers: clinitek 500, dca vantage; reagents, calibrators, controls, and consumables to the analyzer coagulation parameters; reagents and consumables for determination of glucose in the blood capillary and the lease of the analyzer and the required equipment; substrates for cultivation of microorganisms from blood and body fluids, including the lease of two cameras and a computer system.