blood brotherhood

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the friendship characteristic of blood brothers

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Nevertheless, the coming days will reveal to whether the so-called 'Blood Brotherhood' will stand the test of time or will trail.
The blood brotherhood document, submitted by Al-Zuhair's tribe Al-Jbour Bani Sakher, states that "Dr.
Makalani contends that their consignment to Blackness led them to radical activism in Harlem and with African American Grace Campbell they founded the African Blood Brotherhood (ABB) in 1919.
Chapter two is a fascinating chapter in that it provides the pretext for a diasporic activism in its wording, "Liberating Negroes Everywhere." Here the various alliances that went into the creation of the African Blood Brotherhood are significantly articulated.
(16) For more on Briggs and Garvey, see Theman Thomas, "Cyril Briggs and the African Blood Brotherhood: Another Radical View of Race and Class During the 1920s," Diss.
From this perspective, the UNIA--like the African Blood Brotherhood, the radical Messenger newspaper, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, and similar contemporaries--might share far more with the postwar rebels than with the late-Victorianism of the Freemasons.
Dreaming in waking blood brotherhood of those tried to live paradise
Moore, and the African Blood Brotherhood are ignored.
Bound together by a blood brotherhood of fierce loyalty, they redeemed themselves in the only way they knew how, by facing the Turkish hordes and refusing to buckle even under the fiercest of challenges.
Marcus Garvey, of course, is the most illustrative of political examples, but there were also characters such as Cyril Briggs (who was a major leader of the African Blood Brotherhood and, later, the Communist Party), Malcolm X (whose mother was Grenadian) and Minister Louis Farrakhan.
Eventually the son's horse falls, but Kamal spares his life and they pledge undying friendship across the cultural divide - more than friendship, blood brotherhood.
This perverted patriotism is almost the only thing which joins him in blood brotherhood with skinheads, football hooligans and those who believe the EU is run by Hitler's heirs from Berlin's bunkers.
Without civilization's word machine thundering in my head, my whole being felt a sense of brotherhood--if you will--an unacknowledged bloodless blood brotherhood. Only two other times have I experienced this closeness, and each was with a native in one of the world's vanishing remote places.
Next, an old school friend of Ryu's, the suspicious-looking Gang Uk-hwan (Yu Jun-sang), turns up from the U.S., and seems upset when Ryu can't remember their childhood oath of blood brotherhood. Ryu also has a disagreement with his anesthetist colleague, Jang Seok-ho (Jeong Yu-seok), who's against using hypnosis rather than drugs during a tricky operation, partly because the idea has been recommended by weirdo hospital shrink Oh Chi-hun (Kim Tae-woo).
Very little is known about the African Blood Brotherhood, and what limited information is known is discussed with adumbration.