blood blister

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blister containing blood or bloody serum usually caused by an injury

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Vulvar and anal fissures and subepithelial hemorrhages with the appearance of blood blisters also can be found (FIGURE 1B).
2: Blood and the liquid contents of blood blisters are submitted for culture.
My 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier has a blood blister. It started off the size of a pin-head but over the last year it has increased in size.
An examination of Oliver showed he was also covered in bruises, had nip injuries to his ear, a blood blister on his toe, an umbilical hernia and had not been washed properly.
My dad thinks that it's a blood blister, or a plantar wart with a blood blister.
Keedy sent down 28 overs despite suffering from a blood blister on his bowling hand and the after-effects of a dislocated finger on the other.
The short arm of the jaw then acted as a fulcrum to pull the nail out." Bob Rabenberg adds that it "was a good way to get a blood blister if you didn't grip it in the right place." Other correct answers came from: Harold Anderson, Roy Archibald, Greg Armstrong, Norm Bernbeck, Fred Berry, George Bliss, Darrell Combs, Bob Edgemon, Stuart Faber, Marvin Fritz, Mike Gavan, Gerald Gengler, Marvin Glick, Al Jeske, Orrin Johnson, Gifford Knapp, Ray Knutson, Gene Larson, Ralph Look, Douglas Outten, Harold Parman, Milan Ramsey, Brenda Robinson, Kirk Rosel, Robb Ruyle, Tom Sharpies, George Smith, Murray Wells, George Wheeler and Walter Wilkens.
Recently I had a blood blister under the big toe nail.
The ticks there were of a kind that imbedded themselves half-way down their bodies into your flesh, not just their heads, and I removed one from Joe's unmentionable that I first thought was a blood blister until its legs moved!
I should cite the curious infection he contracted (a live insect in a blood blister on his chest), after the removal of which he hit upon reading Gotthelf's novella "Die schwarze Spinne" (Eng.
Debbie's problems began when she developed a blood blister after a routine hip operation.
Wright's former Villa teammate Darius Vassell found a novel use for a power drill - when he tried to drill through a toenail to treat a blood blister during his Aston Villa days.
Hassan picked up a blood blister following another accidental head clash, but the belt went to his Horden opponent Jordan Ellison as he was adjudged to be ahead on points.
After all, we all remember what happened when Darius Vassell took a Black & Decker drill to an irritating blood blister that had developed under his toe.