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The durability of effect of TRC101 was assessed by comparing the changes in blood bicarbonate from baseline to Week 52 between TRC101 versus placebo subjects who completed the 52-week treatment period.
As in Case 1 the Blood Ph was 7.25 and blood bicarbonate level was 11.6 mmol/L.
There is also an increased blood acidosis resulting from diminished blood bicarbonate. This allows for an earlier onset of fatigue upon acute exposure.
In this severe form, with pH next to isoelectric point of lactic acid (around 3.8), we will find metabolic acidosis, with a decrease in blood pH and blood bicarbonate, increasing the amount of serum lactate and decreasing the presence of lactate in the rumen.
The results of present study are in agreement with the work done by Keskin and Durgan (1997) who reported that acute heat stress resulted in a sharp decline in blood CO2 partial pressure accompanied by a fall in blood bicarbonate with the increase in pH in quail.
Metabolic acidosis was defined as a pH less than 7.35 with acidemia being a blood bicarbonate of less than 19 mEq/dL (19 mmol/L) (Oh, 1992).
The research literature suggests that doses below 200 mg may cause elevations in blood bicarbonate but do not improve anaerobic performance.