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Synonyms for bloodbath

the savage killing of many victims

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Synonyms for bloodbath

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Notwithstanding the stock market blood bath during the super blue blood moon last week, we believe that corporate fundamentals and macroeconomic conditions will ultimately dictate where the market will go in the long-term.
"Lebanon faces an open battle with terrorism, which has crossed the limit with its blood bath targeting the country," Jaber added, confirming the robust Lebanese army and other security forces' capability of foiling terror schemes and designs.
Michael Ellis compared Mandela to Churchill and Henry Bellingham said: "Mandela was responsible for a blood bath not happening."
He added that Iran's peace-seeking policy for stronger peace and tranquility in the region has prevented a blood bath in Syria.
Workers starting their shift discovered a blood bath inside their shop and on the pavement outside.
If there is a blood bath, many will say that he was right all along.
But history will condemn their government for the blood bath they have created all over the Muslim world.
Yet, the signatories, almost 1/3 countries of the world, attach their utmost hopes to the treaty to end the unabating violence and blood bath that has engulfed the third world, mainly, mid-Africa.
Abbas praised efforts by the Egyptian governmentto bring calm to the Gaza Strip and to end "the blood bath" in Gaza.
He called the leaders convening in Teheran to immediately the "blood bath in Syria".
"It was a complete blood bath. He was rushed to hospital where he had to have 180 stitches to close up the wounds.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero warned that "the heavy weapons and tanks deployed by the Damascus regime cause fears there will be a blood bath." Valero dismissed the appeasing statements by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad during the visit to Damascus Tuesday by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
He traces how the first Crusade began with a sermon by Pope Urban II and ended in a two-day blood bath, the sacking of Jerusalem and the slaughter of its inhabitants.
Analyst Mark Gerber said: "Expect a blood bath as pricing will have to get extremely aggressive."