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Synonyms for ammonia

a water solution of ammonia

a pungent gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3)

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In our patient, the elevated blood ammonia level and the rapid resolution of symptoms coupled with the reduction of his blood ammonia level led us to suspect that hyperammonemia may have accounted for his presentation.
In general, implantation of a new liver results in normalization of blood ammonia concentrations as well as in significant improvements in cognitive function in these patients (Arria et al.
Blood ammonia levels were consistently elevated, up to 130 [micro]mol/L (normal 15-60 [micro]mol/L).
Among the most serious allegations against the Penn program was that Gelsinger never should have been treated because his blood ammonia levels were too high the day before he received an infusion of corrective genes.
He also attempted to measure blood ammonia and introduced Jaffe's alkaline picrate method for creatinine.
In addition, the physician can use two medications (lactulose and neomycin) to control blood ammonia levels.
Carriers have enough functional enzyme under most circumstances but may succumb to high blood ammonia levels when the body is under extreme duress, such as the postpartum period following childbirth, he notes.
The Phase III multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study evaluated the non-inferiority of Ravicti as compared to sodium phenylbutyrate (BUPHENYL([R])) in controlling blood ammonia in adults aged 18 years and above with UCD.
But according to a 2005 review of 15 studies, rifaximin was at least as effective as lactulose and neomycin in improving neurologic symptoms and in reducing blood ammonia levels (Rev.