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albumin occurring in blood serum

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4-times higher odds of developing an SSI, whereas a prolonged operation (surgery time greater than the 75th percentile), a blood albumin level of 3.
To test this hypothesis, we measured the albumin concentration in CSF from brain tumor patients and control patients as well as the blood albumin concentration in brain tumor patients to calculate the CSF/blood albumin ratio, which serves as a good estimate of the integrity of the blood-brain barrier (20).
The system recognizes part of a pattern and asks for the blood albumin level and gives the pattern: "Low LDL + female + >70 + low blood albumin = high risk sudden death.
And people who eat more meat have higher blood cholesterol levels and higher blood albumin levels, which is a function of protein intake.
The demand for blood albumin has increased over the years due to growing usage of albumin as a cell culture medium ingredient, antioxidant and also as the most effective volume expander in critical care conditions such as liver disease and hemorrhagic stroke.