blood agar

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a culture medium containing whole blood as the nutrient

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Were confirmed with blood agar culture and bacitracin (0.
Alpha hemolysis on blood agar was due to the virulent factor produced by test organism.
Chocolate and Sheep Blood Agar were incubbated in CO2 incubator and MacConkey in atmospheric incubator at 37 0 C for 24-48 hrs.
multocida is gram negative, cocco-bacilli, capsular, non-spore former, non motile, aerobe, oxidase positive and non-hemolytic on blood agar.
anthracis Colony on blood agar Mucoid and orange Gray-white to white Spore production - + (central) Motility + - Hemolysis on blood agar - - Penicillin susceptibility + + Catalase production + + Indole production - - Growth at 4[degrees]C + - Anaerobic growth + + Cutaneous infection Ulcer, black eschar, Eschar, malignant blister pustule Other infections None reported Intestinal anthrax, pulmonary anthrax, meningitis * +, present; -, absent.
5 McFarland, and sheep blood agar (Biomerieux) medium was inoculate with a suspension containing about 10 microliter (105 bacteria/mL).
The organism was subcultured to 5% sheep blood agar and Lowenstein-Jensen agar (figures 2).
difficile colonies are shown after 48 hours' growth on blood agar.
agalactiae is a Gram positive coccus that is weakly beta haemolytic with a dull grey colonial appearance on 5% Columbia sheep blood agar.
Blood agar is incubated in BD GasPak EZ (Becton, Dickinson and Company, USA).
com)-- The study, which was performed to GLP-compliant standards at Don Whitley Scientific Contract Microbiology Laboratory, compared the ProtoCOL 3 system with manual counting for enumeration of bacterial, yeast and fungal colonies on either Plate Count Agar, Columbia Blood Agar or Sabouraud Dextrose Agar plates.
The criteria for "adequate execution of basic routine" were: availability of potassium hydroxide preparation and blood agar for Streptococcus isolation; ability to carry out Gram and Ziehl-Neelsen staining, direct unstained examination, identification of non-fermenting bacteria and Enterococcus species, isolation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and the test for extended spectrum beta-lactamase; use of standard methodologies such as those of the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), specifically for antimicrobial susceptibility testi ng; and decontamination of biological waste.
For the study, researchers collected swab samples from three parts of the uniforms of 75 registered nurses (RNs) and 60 medical doctors (MDs) by pressing standard blood agar plates at the abdominal zone, sleeves' ends and pockets.
1 ml of the container transferred onto blood agar plates and other 0.