blood agar

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a culture medium containing whole blood as the nutrient

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The isolated bacterial colonies on blood agar plates were small, glistening, mucoid, haemolytic and dew drop like, and appeared as gram negative coccobacilli when stained with Gram's stain stain were identified as Pasteurella spp.
MIC test strip GRD consists of a screening method and can be tested with 0.5 McFarland and Mueller-Hinton blood agar plates.
multocida is gram negative, cocco-bacilli, capsular, non-spore former, non motile, aerobe, oxidase positive and non-hemolytic on blood agar.
Media used for identification of bacterial pathogens were: Mannitol salt agar medium Pseudomonas agar medium Blood agar medium EMB and MacConkey agar.
Both HiCrome UTI agar and Blood agar media supported 100% growths while 151 (75.88%) growths were observed on MacConkey agar.
NA Aerobic growth on blood agar (isolate 22912) 1 Growth on diluted homogenate on blood agar at 25[degrees]C (isolate 22913) 1 No growth 1 No growth 1 No growth 2 Not cultured 2 Growth on fifth wash (isolate 22914) and diluted homogenate (isolate 22915) on blood agar at 25[degrees]C NA No growth * NA, not applicable
In blood agar, a pure culture of pinpoint grayish white colonies surrounded by broad zone of complete hemolysis was evident.
Forms non-haemolytic colonies on blood agar and pale, non-lactose fermenting colonies on MacConkey agar.
Blood agar (BA) and MacConkey agar (MCA) were used as primary culture media for preliminary isolation of organisms from samples according to methods described by Cruickshank et al.
Caption: Figure 1: Growth after 24 hours of incubation on 5% sheep blood agar incubated in a 5% CO2 atmosphere at 35[degrees]C (1a) and Gram stained smear of ground brain tissue (1b).
Sputum was inoculated in MacConkey agar and blood agar plates and was incubated aerobically at 37[degrees]C for 24 hours.
The microorganisms were cultured on blood agar at 37[degrees]C, 18-24 h before they were used for artificial waste creation.
Colonies observed after 24 hours of incubation on blood agar in pure culture were gray but turned orange after 48 hours.
They UA shows positive nitrite and positive leukocytes but no growth on media (plated to blood agar and MacConkey's agar).