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Synonyms for blondness

the property of having a naturally light complexion

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Commonly, the whiteness of their skin and blondness of their hair renders them within the terms of fantasised Western images of the beautiful, innocent and angelic child.
The mayor explains to Maria that despite having been born in Africa, Manuel does not belong; his blondness "brings back luck", "asks to be pillaged .
The loudest and most conspicuous is Neil Patrick Harris, a mass of Barbie blondness that comes out of the rafters of the Belasco Theatre and goes into a rock star rant and strut the instant his gold stilettos hit the stage in 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'.
Waitrose (***) concentrated on looks with an appetising noon, but its great appearance and crisp texture was let down by its blondness.
The whiteness of the apartment of Kern's lover, or the blondness of Auguste's girlfriend Karin, connote a deceptiveness of surface.
She's tried all sorts of bleaches in a quest for blondness but even the strongest ones only turn her mop of curls red.
SUMMER BLONDNESS The garden acknowledges that blond is the natural color of summer in California.