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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

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Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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His players told him last week if they made it past the first round of the tournament -- something none of Phenix's past Eagle teams had done -- they were dying his blondish beard blue.
When they later met at the embassy, Fogarty asked Naji if he would "consider speaking to some law enforcement." Then he brought in a heavyset, blondish man he introduced as Jeffrey Roberts, the embassy's deputy regional security officer.
And then I showed up, in dress pants, a nice shirt, short blondish hair, and blue eyes.
He is described as white, normal build, blondish fair hair, quite close shaven, aged between 30-35.
For example, as Caucasian women, neither of us have mustaches; Kane is blondish whereas Klein is dark haired.
The offender is described as being aged in his mid 20s, stocky build, with short blondish brown hair, wearing a red and grey tracksuit top and jogging bottoms.
He told me his son had fair hair, "sort of blondish and blue eyes".
The second had shoulder-length blondish brown greasy hair tied in a ponytail.
"Actually, she looked a bit like the way Catrin is pictured on the book's cover, except she had blondish rather than brunette hair.
She was a tall, large-boned woman with long blondish grayish ochre-colored hair, small nose and big brown eyes covered with hippie-like eyeglasses.
He had short light brown to blondish hair, sandy stubble and a pale complexion, with a 3in scar on his left cheek.
Physically, the descendants of Madoc were described as having 'blondish' colouring and there were unconfirmed reports of Welsh items being found among Indian tribes.
Their bold-grained, blondish wood was strong, easily worked, and extremely rot-resistant, used in everything from barn timbers to pianos, split-rail fences to fine furniture (in which it was often veneered with more fashionable woods like mahogany).
"Blondish nose, smells like a lager," said Tom Conti, "A nice touch of sweet malt up front."
One wore a light-brown to blondish weave ponytail, the color mimicking the buttery hue of her skin.