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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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The second had shoulder-length blondish brown greasy hair tied in a ponytail.
Actually, she looked a bit like the way Catrin is pictured on the book's cover, except she had blondish rather than brunette hair.
She was a tall, large-boned woman with long blondish grayish ochre-colored hair, small nose and big brown eyes covered with hippie-like eyeglasses.
He had short light brown to blondish hair, sandy stubble and a pale complexion, with a 3in scar on his left cheek.
Their bold-grained, blondish wood was strong, easily worked, and extremely rot-resistant, used in everything from barn timbers to pianos, split-rail fences to fine furniture (in which it was often veneered with more fashionable woods like mahogany).
Tall with spiky, blondish hair and a charming Australian accent, the surfer chef, who has become familiar in the foodie world with his "Take Home Chef" series on cable-TV and a few recent appearances on "Oprah," exudes good looks and instills confidence in the kitchen.
One wore a light-brown to blondish weave ponytail, the color mimicking the buttery hue of her skin.
She is a blondish woman of a certain age and exudes a contagious energy.
This is where I got my love of wood--hugging trees," Dan said, angling his way down as easily as a squirrel, full-bearded instead of bushy-tailed, the same blondish brown as Maryann's thick hair.
Lillienfeld interviewed Ron and Toni independently and both identified the driver as a white male, around 40 years old with reddish, blondish hair and a ruddy complexion--an exact description of Michael Goodwin.
His accomplice was also white, shorter, also slightly tanned, and had blondish hair in a short back and sides style.
A revolutionary new hair powder product which was developed for the more dramatic on-session fashion shoots by Bumble and bumble stylist Lauren Philippon, is now available for pounds 27 (from Space NK, Grainger Street, Newcastle) in four temporary colours, White, Blondish, Red, Brown and Black.
The inside of the top and the desk's writing surface are veneered with the same marquetry pattern: three panels of pewter scrolls inlaid on a ground of blondish wood and banded with purplewood, each panel being composed of four smaller pewter frames enclosing a central frame which is either circular or lobed.
A few years back, literary phenomenon Malcolm Gladwell discovered this absurd truism when he let his close-cut, blondish locks bolt into an Afro.
I was told that romantic comedy requires long hair, so they gave me 350 hair extensions and put blondish streaks in.