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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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The girl lived in Shreves' Northern Virginia neighborhood and had the blondest hair and eyelashes Shreves had ever seen.
Just then the tallest, thinnest, blondest girl Annie had ever set eyes on, away from a catwalk, strode up to the door.
of all things under our blonder than blondest star the most mysterious (eliena,my dear)is this --how anyone so gay possibly could die Here the parentheses include only the three addressing words: "eliena, my dear." However, as we find out at the very end of the poem, eliena is dead and so this is an apostrophe rather than a naive question addressed to someone or concerning "anyone." It is as if the speaker wishes to postpone as much as be can the reality of her death--until the very last word of the poem and not before.
All the positions I would have preferred were already filled, and all they needed was some moron who's be happy to find out what new plans were hatching in the empty little head of Gilda Magdalena, the blondest of our vedettes; or which harem Kirna Moor, a Turkish dancer who packed them in at night at the Cabaret Sans Souci, had escaped from; or which orchestra would accompany Renato Carosone, an Italian clown who sang the absurd "Marcelino Pan y Vino," which played constantly on the radio.
Little wonder LibDem leader Sir Ming Campbell described Johnson's selection as "the blondest suicide note in history".
And Boris Johnson, the flamboyant Tory MP known for his shock of bright blonde hair, was described as "the blondest suicide note in history"
Eliza, formerly the thinnest, richest and blondest of the It girls, is used to running with the elite crowd, not working for them.
The director of the association, George Flint, says that Mack has "turned what is a fairly halfway respected industry into a kind of farce." Angel's Ladies was busted in the spring of 1999 after sending their blondest girl, Cindi, to a motel when a cop, posing as a trick, called for room service.
The baby is the blondest child imaginable, so white that its plump, diapered body shines like the full moon.