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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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The audio replay will be available under Investor Related Information on the Blonder Tongue Investor Relations webpage.
Already feeling reassured, the blonder one gave him a friendly wave, but Delphine, who did not lose her head so easily, soon regained her composure.
In the new role, Blonder will lead the sales team in this newly created position to further grow Capital Bank Mortgage.
"One can never assess every risk; that's why it's called 'risk,'" says Blonder. "If there was no risk, there would be no need for insurance.
Bruce Willis has more than proved his credentials as an action hero, and he rises to the challenge here - even if his younger, blonder surrogate is a little on the spooky side.
Each morning, I watch my mother, blonder than childhood, fiddle in her
3 February 2012 - Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc (NYSEAMEX:BDR), the US developer of cable TV and satellite video transmission technology, released a statement to announce the completion of its deal to acquire local sector player RL Drake LLC.
John Frieda has also debuted Sheer Blonde Go Blonder, a controlled lightening spray that is said to gradually lighten and brighten blonde tones.
The Brewers Share program is an ongoing Full Sail program that puts a face to each beer, in this case Josh's Spring has Sprung blonder
Sometimes dubbed "Backwoods Barbie" Dolly is known for her surgically enhanced assets and blonder than blonde hair.
Plithides began her career at the accounting firms Blonder Seymour & Shapss and Bernstein & Berger.
She wrote one other novel Thinner Blonder Whiter a steamy modern mystery.
His accomplice is described as white, 5ft 10in tall, of slim build, with blonder eyebrows and brown eyes.
"But Layton has got lighter and blonder and Kaydon has gone darker.