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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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There's a lot more to drama studies, comedic timing and improvisation than just putting on blond hair and playing a ditz or knowing how to cry on cue.
Blond hair is one of the hottest beauty trends to strike Black America in recent months, and while some Black blonds say that they are just trying something new, funky and fun, critics argue that sporting blond hair is a denial of one's proud Black heritage.
Unfortunately, Blond Ghost descends to anticlimax when, in an epilogue, Corn describes the one interview he was able to wrest from Shackley.
Instead, the doll "may loosely be based on Phillipe and this character that he plays within our little Blond world," David said.
IF you believe the old adage blondes have always had more fun, but is this just the case with the fairer sex?
We randomly picked out a sample of bottle blondes and expressed concern for their grey matter.
SIR - Your news item on the evolution of European blondes (Western Mail, February 28) focused on research widely reported in the media back in 2002 - ie the decline of the 'blonde gene' (which is recessive - not 'regressive' as described in your article).
New York, Oct 4 (ANI): A Lithuanian company has revealed that it has plans of creating a resort in the Maldives that will be run solely by blonds.
Cameron's happy to champion him because the chattering classes hail Blond as this month's radical new thinker.
Blondes and lavenders go really well together, so you don't have to worry about colouring your roots either.
The British Blonde Society event will be held on Sunday, March 25 at Doncombe Blondes, Oakham Beef Unit, Portbury Lane, Bristol.
While jokes about blondes may seem harmless to some, it can have real-world implications, indicates study author Jay Zagorsky, research scientist at Ohio State University, Columbus.
I don't feel I have anything in common with the world's most famous blondes, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna (Vogue era) and Brigitte Bardot, and thank God for that.
And after admitting she dyed her hair because she was "bored", we look at the other stars who were tempted to find out if blondes really do have more fun.
In Emily Schultz's third novel, The Blondes, the world succumbs to a mysterious, rabies-like pandemic that causes people to attack and kill at random.