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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


Related Words

read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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Blogs have shifted the control of brand communication away from marketers and consumers play an important role in generating and sharing the communication messages for other consumers (Berthon, Pitt, McCarthy, and Kates, 2007).
The primary author has used blogs in honors courses since 2005 to post online discussion questions, course announcements, and project photos as part of a course blog (see Johnson) as well as to prompt students' personal reflections on their own individual blogs.
While there are still many blogs run by one person (like mine), there are also large blogs run by teams of people, encompassing tens of thousands of items of content.
Make it easy to share your blogs by including "chiclets" (sharing icons) at the bottom of every blog.
Blogs are Web pages frequently modified with dated entries or posts listed in reverse chronological order.
Blogs are an example of Web 2.0 technologies, types of resources differing from Web 1.0 technologies because they allow users to create, modify, and share content (Hossain & Wiest, 2013).
The proliferation of library blogs is marked and notable, resulting in nearly four in ten people having the ability to receive information through blogs on library websites (Lietzau, 2009, p.
And in building a successful blog, capturing search engine traffic is half the battle.
Most of the examples from longstanding blogs are the same as in the 1st edition, and these continue to be relevant to the history of blogging.
A blog is a type of website, where people can share their views, interests, and products online.
Many CPAs might be unfamiliar with personal blogs. Exhibit 1 presents a glossary of commonly used blogging terms.
A blog can simply be an online personal journal, which is why the word "blog" is a combination of "Web" and "log." Most early blogs were online diaries or collections of editorial musings.
Now in its third year, the event aims to award those writing creative and interesting blogs on a range of subjects, including food and drink, sport and their local community.
Pune, India, October 29, 2016 --( The Upside Learning Blog, which is owned and maintained by Upside Learning, has been the go-to place for people in the eLearning industry for their daily dose of thoughts and views pertaining to eLearning.