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a person who keeps and updates a blog

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"Read Also:Palestinians Force Saudi pro-Israel Blogger Mohammed Saud Out of Al Aqsa MosqueWhen asked about his first trip to Israel, Saud said that he had ever experienced such a feeling before."I heard about Israel from Google, Youtube.
Three die-hard Cubs fans and bloggers will host a new postgame show for NBC Sports Chicago, starting Wednesday.
Reportedly, they have been invited to the event - some to also speak at summit, while local bloggers haven't.
Lately quite a few foreign travellers, bloggers and vloggers have been on visits to Pakistan to highlight the scenic beauty and rich culture the country possess.
Almost all the existing models use comments as one of the parameters in measuring the influence of a blogger but they fail to weigh the comments based on their nature thus introducing bias in their evaluation of these comments.
Cecile Zamora, who was a newspaper columnist and designer before she became a blogger, was probably the Philippines's first power blogger.
This collaboration on the part of Infinix with bloggers and celebrities is going to be a new way to open doors towards technology and will bring a lot of positively for the brand itself.
Despite living in another continent, the blogger still manages to take regular trips to her homeland, as well as other cities around the Middle East.
Summary: California [United States], September 7 (ANI): Google is continuing with its focus on the Indian market and after introducing stripped-down versions of its popular apps for the market, the company has now introduced a new app dedicated to the Indian bloggers' community.
The 43-year-old chief executive of the wedding photo studio surnamed Chou (?) immediately started inspecting everyone's bags and the blogger pointed out that she believed it was the GoPro camera owned by a 35-year-old male studio photographer identified as Ko Yu-lun (???).
Our position is if you feel that a certain blogger has defamed you then take him/her to court and let the law take its course.
Wafa Alkhalifa, from Riyadh, has followed Turkish blogger Gulsum Elkhatroushi on Instagram since they met in London last year at a shopping mall.
The ITB Blogger Speed Dating event will also be offering 8-minute slots to enable exhibitors and travel bloggers to get together, introduce their respective portfolios and talk about ideas and opportunities for joint ventures.
Next year, DOMOTEX will feature its first-ever Blogger Lounge.