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Synonyms for blocky

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Synonyms for blocky

resembling a block in shape


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Under scrutiny, a big male's shoulders will appear significantly wider than his blocky head--often as much as double the width.
In order to meet up with friends from other platforms in the blocky worlds of "Minecraft," players will need to log into an Xbox Live account on Nintendo Switch, ( according to GameSpot .
Signs of interference include the loss of channels or sound, pictures going blocky, freezing or the TV screen going blank or showing a 'No Signal' message.
The brief trailer shows the game's existing blocky elements and early textures untouched, though some of the blocky shapes now have smaller blocks chiseled out.
They are described as giving the impression of great strength for their medium/large size, with a muscular body and blocky head.
If you're short on space it can double as a bedside table - it's less blocky, so seems to take up less space.
The e300 unit's standard class carriage from the Waterloo station days is a blocky dirge of browns and oranges.
The peppers I am discussing are sweet red peppers that we most commonly see today as the big blocky high-shouldered hybrids.
This is due to 4G signals sitting next to the 800MHZ frequency used by Freeview, and could cause loss of channels, a blocky picture, or even a "no signal" message.
Due to good strength and blocky nature of the sandstone, its potential use as aggregate in construction of buildings, roads and other applications are required to be explored.
These produce short, blocky fruits within about seven weeks.
The illustrations are blocky, modern and completely unsentimental so that the appeal of the book will not be limited to a single age range.
After speaking with women all over the world who color their hair at home, the Vidal Sassoon brand found that these consumers were dissatisfied with their current results and often described the outcome as "flat" or "blocky" with "off-tone brassy results." In addition, this was made worse over time by applying the same color formula all over the hair.
Its blocky brick look was likened by council planning committee members to an Oxo Cube and cheese grater.
"We see a diversity of textures in this outcrop some parts finely layered and finegrained, others more blocky with erosionresistant ledges," said Curiosity deputy project scientist Ashwin Vasavada in a statement.