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Synonyms for blocky

Synonyms for blocky

resembling a block in shape


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However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has also been leaked while in a blocky case, as caught by (http://www.
Almost half the large works on show are glossy, regimented and geometrically precise, square, blocky forms in shiny black acrylic, accented with brilliant gold leaf.
The pair played behind banks of keyboards, with a screen showing blocky digital graphics over their shoulders.
It''s a blocky black box you attach to your face with a thick strap, and there are wires hanging out of one side.
From the large-scale paintings of Rick Bartow and Whitney Nye to the intimate ambrotypes of Susan Seubert (top) and the blocky, geometric sculptures of Mel Katz, these works demonstrate the breadth and depth of creativity, imagination, and skill that flourish in Oregon," says assistant curator June Koehler.
Don't expect to uncover the "new Prague" here; there's a lingering Soviet tinge to the city with its blocky architecture and stubborn Red Army monuments, but there are also some fine parks, absorbing museums, beautiful churches and buzzing nightlife.
While the screens are bigger, however, the pixel density remains the same, meaning games look blocky on the unforgiving displays.
While the screens are bigger, the pixel density remains the same, meaning games look blocky on the unforgiving displays.
The cut scene graphics are blocky basic (Westford's dog looks more Penelope Pitstop than dread Direwolf) and characterisation is poor.
Black Yoga Communication Station stands on a Persian rug and involves a houseplant, as well as a couple of blocky CB radios that rhyme with the blocky books.
The blocky, colorful artwork adds the perfect complement to this educational and enjoyable tour of cultural festivities, highly recommended especially for children's public library collections.
How anyone can possibly think that this blocky, utilitarian housing is better than the once-beautiful Victorian villas along Edge Lane now is beyond me.
Nutty structure is associated with the silt loam texture class, while blocky structure is associated with the silty clay loam or clay loam texture classes.
It only takes a single glance at Central Presbyterian Church to notice the large, grey bricks that make up its blocky structure, and to hastily assume that it is a cold place.
The channel contains polygonal patterns, branched channels, blocky debris and mound/cone formations, all of which are similar to formations found where permafrost melts on Earth.