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The automobiles on which they were mounted blocked the street, compelling the soldiers to find positions in, between, and on the sidewalks.
A block distant a hundred of our comrades had been holding a building.
Half a block on, passing the Forum Cafe, he stopped suddenly.
This canal answered all commercial purposes to the age of Antonius, when it was abandoned and blocked up with sand.
"It is the usual block," answered the man in the mask.
"When I shall lay my head on the block and say `Remember!' then strike boldly."
But Joe blocked the two, ducked a third, stepped to the side to avoid a fourth, and was then driven backward into a corner by a hurricane of blows.
But Joe covered up, blocked, and fell into a clinch.
Silver was a changed man once he was out there and had his back to his friends and the block house; his cheeks seemed to have fallen in, his voice trembled; never was a soul more dead in earnest.
What you're after, why you left the block house, why you given me that there chart, I don't know, now, do I?
At length the fatal moment arrived, and Cornelius placed his chin on the cold damp block. But at this moment his eyes closed involuntarily, to receive more resolutely the terrible avalanche which was about to fall on his head, and to engulf his life.
Five minutes later the merchant was leading his slave to the public market, where a great concourse of people filled the great open space in the centre of which stood the slave block.
One by one the masters mounted the rostrum beside the slave block upon which stood their chattels.
On open ground, do not try to block the enemy's way.
A gigantic block was held back by each of his extended arms.