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To reduce the impact of blocking artifacts on video quality, various filtering techniques have been developed.
The DF reduces blocking artifacts by smoothing samples on each side of the boundaries, where the block boundaries come from the PUs and TUs, rather than the inherent boundaries of the picture.
Motion compensated prediction is another source of blocking artifacts in video.
Vertical and horizontal edges of block in each macroblock (MB) of a frame are filtered for suppression of blocking artifacts.
Therefore, blocking artifacts are reduced by these steps.
It is necessary to remove atoms including blocking artifacts and obtain dictionary without non-blocking component for the image deblocking.
The LBT increases the coding gain and reduces the blocking artifact but it has more ringing artifacts.
To reduce the blocking artifact, LF components are smoothened in the adjacent LF blocks and invalid HF components are discarded.
When the window size becomes large, blocking artifacts become serious.
It can be seen that the proposed algorithm can remove the blurring and blocking artifacts around lap, and the better subjective visual quality is obtained.
To improve the quality of edge and texture regions, the non-local similarity of video frame is used to construct the regularization item, and the regularization item is mixed into the joint CS reconstruction model to remove the blurring and blocking artifacts in edge and texture regions.
The results of simulation show that the proposed method is not only robust to motion vector estimated wrongly, but also can reduce blocking artifacts than 8J-MCI.
Therefore, the blocking artifacts can also appear since the non-overlapped block cannot guarantee to reasonably estimate the pixel value in edge regions where object occlusion leads to the probability that a block contains multiple motion vectors.
The block size in the video signal corresponds to 8 pixels times the scaling factor in both horizontal and vertical directions, therefore, the identification of vertical blocking artifacts ([V.
4-(c), the blocking artifact always happens because of the codec operation which can affect the judgment of HVS to the VQ.