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A nurse inadvertently administered 5 mL of the neuromuscular blocking agent instead of heparin ...
Hydroquinone was used as the blocking agent. Component A is made by the reaction of 200 meq.
Neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBAs) have been involved in 33% to 63% of the cases (2) and 57% to 86% during the anaesthesia induction (1, 2).
Suxamethonium is generally considered to be the primary choice for neuromuscular blocking agent during ECT, as it has a short duration of action (4).
The commercial ferritin reagent from Olympus does contain normal rabbit serum to minimize these interferences, but this is not a sufficiently specific blocking agent for the interfering heterophilic antibodies we identified.
Rambazole is Barrier's second product candidate based on the Retinoic Acid Metabolism Blocking Agent (RAMBA) class of molecules.
Niax A-537 uses a blocking agent that is consumed in the foaming process.
Even the H-2 blocking agent cimetidine, when used in doses not adjusted for decreased renal function found in the older patient, may cause delirium which can be misdiagnosed as dementia.
Timolol Eyedrop-Induced Fatal Bronchospasm in an Asthmatic Patient Timolol ophthalmic preparation is a nonselective [beta]-adrenergic receptor blocking agent commonly used in the treatment of many types of glaucoma, as well as for routine presurgical lowering of intraocular pressure.
Unrestricted access to sugammadex: impact on neuromuscular blocking agent choice, reversal practice and associated healthcare costs.
It is a transdermal hypertension medication, which has four mg or eight mg of bisoprolol, a beta1 selective blocking agent, can be applied to chest, upper arm or back regions once per day and should be changed every 24 hours.
Infliximab, the tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] (TNF-[alpha]) blocking agent marketed as Remicade by Centocor, was first approved for Crohn's disease in 1998, followed by rheumatoid arthritis (1999) and ankylosing spondylitis (2004).
The manufacturers state that HBT contains a "unique blocking agent" limited to use for antigen assays to confirm or disqualify an original result in conjunction with other data (such as symptoms and other testing).
The product is the generic equivalent to Hytrin, an alpha-1-selective adrenoceptor blocking agent manufactured and marketed by Abbott Laboratories.