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Synonyms for blocking

the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements

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Prosperous men take a little vengeance now and then, as they take a diversion, when it comes easily in their way, and is no hindrance to business; and such small unimpassioned revenges have an enormous effect in life, running through all degrees of pleasant infliction, blocking the fit men out of places, and blackening characters in unpremeditated talk.
Actually, with our blocking and the pre-snap read by the QB, we have accounted for eight potential rushers.
the world's leading interactive services company, announced that it has reached the milestone of blocking over two billion spam emails in a single day, when it blocked 2.
In response to widespread concerns about privacy issues surrounding caller ID, telephone companies have developed more specialized call blocking features.
For schools to receive certain federal funds and discounts, such as E-rate, the Children's Internet Protection Act requires schools to use blocking software to restrict student access to Web sites that are "harmful to minors.
Solee, a former lower level coach and varsity assistant at Palmdale, considers Kirnon to be a more aggressive with blocking shots than former Falcons' standout Kristi Rose, now at the University of Utah.
Your team already has the blocking schemes and has practiced the speed option and shovel pass; this is easy to install.
The shuffle is ideal in blocking because the hips stay square to the net.
Washington state was the highest because they required an education plan,'' she said, adding, ``But California has more requirements and we'll likely see a higher percentage who want blocking.
In conjunction with the customer's security policy, Block on Exposure will only execute the blocking instruction if the newly exposed vulnerability is defined as an unacceptable or unnecessary network and business risk.
The blocking of the tight end, playside guard, and tackle is the same: Block down on the first defender from your inside gap.
The "complete" blocking option routinely prevents the caller's number from being sent to any called party each time a call is made.
Other customers may choose "selective" blocking (also called "per call" blocking), which automatically sends the number, unless the customer chooses to dial star 67 (1167 on rotary phones) before placing the call, which will block number delivery of a call from that line, except for 800, 900 and 911 calls.
The first blocking technique used by our receivers.
From our 2-back sets, we can maintain our base blocking rules while using the fullback to block the alley player (Diag.