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Synonyms for blocky

Synonyms for blocky

resembling a block in shape


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Yu, "Estimation of the REV size for blockiness of fractured rock masses," Computers and Geotechnics, vol.
The NRJPEGQS metric reacts harder (i.e., it shows higher quality differences) than the NRJPEG2000 because it was designed to detect the blockiness introduced by the discrete cosine transform.
The discrete cosine transform (DCT) [2] based techniques, for example, JPEG and MPEG, lead to blockiness, whereas the JPEG2000 compression [3,4] involving wavelet transform [5] mainly introduces blurring and ringing artifacts [6].
Hermansson, "Effects of calcium, pH, and blockiness on kinetic rheological behavior and microstructure of HM pectin gels," Biomacromolecules, vol.
However, this transition is not extremely abrupt, and as C/N decreases from perfect reception, received picture experiences different kinds of degradations before reaching a complete "blockiness." According to some literature [20, 21] this transition from no degradation to full degradation takes place in a received C/N fall of 1 to 3dB.
In addition, as evidenced by Figure 1(e), reconstructions due the proposed model do not show the relative blurriness speckles evident in Figure 1(c) (by PM method); it does not manifest the relative blockiness visible on Figure 1(d) (by TV method) neither does it show heavily jagged edges apparent in Figure 1(f) due to the D-a-PM algorithm.
That said, Hilts says, "This interior is upright and truck-like." There is a sense of truck-like blockiness. Again, not in a brutal way, but with attention to detail.
The charge distribution on the surface of the crystal depends on many factors: surface morphology, crystal blockiness, presence of defects of various types, crystallographic plane of crystal surface.
A superior plugin that provides an advanced FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) along with other tools for the removal of aliasing (blockiness) in photographed or 3D rendered footage.
In the latter capacity, the museum's blockiness seems to point toward Rem Koolhaas's Casa da Musica in Portugal.
FS1 and FS3 described the "scale" or "ranginess" of the animal's body (heightxlength) or (height+length), FS2 described its "compactness" or "blockiness" (height/length), and FS4 combined both ((heightxlength)+(height/length)).
The seam in R1 shows similar jointed blockiness, and this may be a feature common to all chert seams.
The new VQS1000 Video Quality software from Tektronix can be combined with any of the company's digital TV network analyzers and monitors to enable the real-time assessment of video impairments in MPEG-2 or H.264 encoded content, including stuck, black, blockiness as well as compression artifacts.
The result is a retort to the blockiness of comparable buildings and to the site conditions (extensive external glazing would have been a poor choice for Austin's relentless sun).
(vii) The absolute values of various interest rates, the level of overheads, and blockiness of capital investment in plant, did not appear to have any substantial effect on outcomes.