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a stronghold that is reinforced for protection from enemy fire

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2] emission, SO2 emission, phosphate emission, C2H4 ethene emission, running costs and utilization input of energy, the best alternative is a blockhouse, made mostly of wood-based materials.
Andrews Blockhouse is one of more than twenty War of 1812 sites administered by Parks Canada, which is a leading presenter of historic experiences from this pivotal era in North American history.
Authority archaeologist Pete Crane said: "We don't know much about the blockhouse, we just know there were two buildings on this east site in Angle, while another on the other side of the entrance to the haven was destroyed when the Victorian west blockhouse was built.
Clues in the dank, murky blockhouse were hard to find.
Although severely wounded himself, he spent two days from July 31 to August 2 tending to injured men in a captured German blockhouse, which he repeatedly left under fire to search for and carry back casualties.
The project will unite the headquarters of the Defence Medical Education and Training Agency (DMETA) and 33 Field hospital, which are both based at Fort Blockhouse in Gosport, the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine's headquarters in Selly Oak, and the Defence Medical Services Training Centre, at Keogh Barracks in Aldershot.
Lance-Corporal Andy Saupe is to be transferred from 33 Field Hospital, based at Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, Hants, after his wife Alex told the media of their concerns.
A 1-acre rocket-engine test site features a hardened underground blockhouse, gantry and horizontal engine test block big enough for liquid- and solid-fuel rocket engines with thrusts up to 150,000 pounds.
Their bodies were found on Friday, 10 days after they disappeared, at the base of a World War II blockhouse outside the village of Portel, near Boulogne.
Most of the time the stations were hidden in office buildings or various low-rent venues like KXLW's blockhouse in a Brentwood flood plain.
A huge square, supported on vast double buttresses, it has slit windows that peer out of great battered walls like the machine-gun slits of a blockhouse writ large.
Notable attractions include the Belvedere Castle, which is a fully functioning weather station; the Blockhouse, an actual fort from the War of 1812; the Central Park Carousel, built in 1871; and the oldest public monument in North America, The Obelisk.
There was also a blockhouse and battery built on Toronto Island, where the Toronto Island Airport now stands.
He was awarded the Victoria Cross and the Military Medal after cutting his way through enemy barbed wire under heavy machine gun fire and single handedly charging a blockhouse, killing the occupants with bombs and allowing his comrades to advance with minimum casualties.