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a stronghold that is reinforced for protection from enemy fire

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"Sgt Cooper, with four men, immediately rushed towards the blockhouse, though heavily fired on.
'A tap is used for drawing ile making a blockhouse.'
William Clamp was part of an advance which was being checked by intense machinegun fire from concrete blockhouses and by snipers in ruined buildings.
The West Blockhouse was to see more use in the 20th century during the two World Wars than in the 19th.
My favourite donnybrook over scarce resources and development took place in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, in a small town called Blockhouse not far from where I have a summer cottage.
Blockhouse was a recording studio and recording project in the late 80's/Early 90's based in Stratford, East London.
Ac yntau'n sarjant yn nhrydedd frwydr Ypres, Gwlad Belg, ar 31 Gorffennaf 1917, fe ymosododd ar ddau blockhouse o filwyr Almaeneg ar ben ei hun.
She could not get a job at Auckland Hospital because of her limited experience, so applied for a position at an aged-care facility in Blockhouse Bay.
Contact the Landmark Trust 7 West Blockhouse, Dale, Pembrokeshire.
As the composite group returned to the RCR lines, Pope spotted a German blockhouse three hundred yards distant, on Valguarnera's southern outskirts.
It truly took sail in October 1928 when the Navy implemented training for its inaugural class of 'foreign wireless communications intercept' operators in a blockhouse on the roof of the old Navy Department building, and the "On-the-Roof Gang" was born.
Choosing a lovely spot not too far from his Plymouth home at the end of Devil's Point Blockhouse paid dividends for the 15-year-old.
In a re-examination of the William Richardson material at the University of Toronto Libraries, an unexpected discovery was a sketch of the British palisaded blockhouse known as York Fort, drawn by Richardson during a voyage to Labrador in 1769.
When his company was held up by machine–gun fire, although wounded in the head, he succeeded in bombing and taking the first blockhouse single–handed.