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preventing entry or exit or a course of action

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(among them, Lord Rockingham's in Grosvenor Square); which were blockaded as though to sustain a siege, and had guns pointed from the windows.
It would be recalled that on 3rd May 2013, at about 4.20pm, a tug boat blockaded at the instance of NIMASA acting through Global West Vessel Specialists Limited, LNG Adamawa, an NLNG chartered vessel.
The "Freedom Boat 2" is the second humanitarian flotilla to set out from blockaded Gaza since Palestinians first began holding regular rallies along the Gaza-Israel security fence on Mar.
Whatever may the situation, it is undeniable that when a party to an armed conflict imposes blockade on a country, it is the civilian population in the blockaded area that suffers the most.
Summary: Rebels seeking regional autonomy agree to allow reopening of two of four oil terminals which they have blockaded since July.
The blockaded sliver is now experiencing daily power outages of up to 16 hours.
At the operational, how far from the blockaded coast should the naval commander be prepared to enforce the blockade?
In the past five years, only 720 trucks have left the blockaded strip.