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a ship that runs through or around a naval blockade

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The blockade-runners should not agree to go to an Israeli port, because then their cargo would fall victim to Israel's blockade rules.
If only they knew the triviality of bust-gate, however, compared with the strain in transatlantic relations over the building in British ports of Confederate blockade-runners and commerce raiders during the American Civil War, 1861-5.
The Brits' major tactic was a naval blockade of the Palestinian coast, a seaborne wall that was challenged by the blockade-runners of the Hagana, the Hebrew underground.
Most were spies, smugglers, blockade-runners, carriers of contraband goods, and foreign nationals.
Later privateers, such as the Confederate blockade-runners in the American Civil War and rum-runners from Prohibition contributed to the country's dubious, yet romantic, development.
Better yet, the author has described the little-known operations of German surface blockade-runners as well.