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a vote proportional in magnitude to the number of people that a delegate represents

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Labour long ago decided they couldn't continue with union block votes dominating their rallies and setting party policy.
A review of union membership by Labour grandee Ray Collins will effectively rule out reducing the block vote at Labour conference or in the electoral college.
Several lawyers representing corporate and foreign shareholders arising from the bail-in of deposits also cast block votes, including just over 8% in proxies collected by Christodoulos Vassiliades, believed to be representing major Russian clients.
Referring to the legal situation of Punjab Government, he said that if 30 members of forward block vote in favour of Shahbaz Sharif, than PML-Q had a legal right to challenge their eligibility through a petition; however nothing can stop them from exercising their right of vote anyway.
It is widely suggested that extended family and kinship networks, frequently with their origins in settlement patterns in Pakistan and Bangladesh, are mobilised to secure the support of up to several hundred electors, effectively constituting a block vote.
Last night Labour officials had to accept a conference debate on the issue by a block vote of 2.
In this instance, Hamas may well reject the offer; but what would be the future prospects of the government, with Hamas commanding a large block vote in the Palestinian Assembly, with a mandate from the Palestinian people, as well as a preserved military command structure, and the power to impose its own will on the government, or reject its policies?
MSP Fox is favourite to be named leader today because of support from the influential block vote of hard-liners on the left of the party.
No longer will ``manana'' or empty promises ensure a block vote from La Raza.
Jersey-based millionaire Graham Waldron, whose block vote of 10,230 shares swung July's vote in Hale's favour, is set for a pre-AGM meeting with the Albion chairman.
Despite an Asian block vote against the resolution, it was passed with 32 countries voting in favor of the inquiry, 12 against and six abstentions.
The Norwegians might have added to a block vote from the civilised northern countries to turn Europe into a decent place to live in.
She said: "It is outrageous that a Labour block vote has shut down the opportunity for the committee to scrutinise this work.
The unions resisted it as they wanted to preserve their block vote, where one raised hand on the conference floor actually represented hundreds of thousands of votes.
For the Labour leader to be so disliked in one of the party's heartlands proves what I have always thought: the party - or rather the unions with the big block vote - picked the wrong Miliband brother after the last election.