block plane

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a small plane used on end grains of wood

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The Block Plane also recalls the school workshop, woodwork classes and his father's private hiding place: his wood workshop.
Then, assemble all the tools you need - some flat and star screwdrivers, measuring tape, spirit level, hammer, an electric drill (the cordless type is best) a handsaw, jigsaw and mitre saw, and finally a block plane to smooth off all those sawn edges.
Sand the cut edges smooth with a block plane, then apply a couple of layers of varnish along the cuts as waterproofing.
For a similar effect, some woodworkers use a very sharp block plane.
The company now runs a factory each in Taiwan's northern county of Taoyuan and China's southeastern city of Xiamen, and supplies over 300 different kinds of tools, including multi-purpose rasps, bench and block planes, smoothing planes, putty knives, scrapers, joint knives, paint mixers, masonry tools, pulleys, levels and wallpaper tools, etc.