block plane

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a small plane used on end grains of wood

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The Block Plane also recalls the school workshop, woodwork classes and his father's private hiding place: his wood workshop.
There are three broad groups of planes: bench planes, block planes and specialty planes.
Sand the cut edges smooth with a block plane, then apply a couple of layers of varnish along the cuts as waterproofing.
Sharpness for a block plane, as with any tool, is a virtue.
A block plane is used for light duty trimming of doors and window sashes, smoothing rough edges on a board, or trimming wood shelves.
I own several planes, both power and hand, big and small, but the one I reach for most often is the handy little block plane. Nothing beats it for simplicity and convenience.
Use a block plane or sander to remove material from the back edge for a tight fit.
Unscrew the runners and shave down these areas with a block plane or sandpaper.
You can use your rip guide, finger guide (as shown) or jig to maintain a straight cut Finish the job by smoothing the edge with a sharp block plane.
You may need to shave a little here and there from the latch side with your block plane for a consistent gap.