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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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Height of block level is difficult to predict and it depends upon position of patient, site and speed of injection and properties of anaesthetic agent such as baricity, volume and dose.
The secondary aim was to compare the two groups in terms of time of onset of analgesia (T10 block level assessed by pin prick), peak sensory block level, and time to reach peak sensory block level and quality of anesthesia.
From the application point of view, SAN is similar to DAS, in terms of compatibility, during block level storage operations.
It is hypothesized that areas of higher crime are directly related to the spatial arrangement of socially stressed neighborhoods at the micro or block level of aggregation.
Currently the block level backup feature will only work for the files greater than 5 GB.
* The study reveals that District level vigilance Committees and block level Vigilance Committees have not been constituted in both the selected districts.
Additionally, an included power calculator allows FPGA designers to analyze and optimize power requirements early in the design process block level by the changing of design environment variables.
The EVault VMware Plug-in leverages and extends EVault's DeltaPro technology to virtual environments by backing up and compressing only new and changed data at the block level, which enhances network performance, decreases the backup window and lowers the overall storage footprint.
Specific topics addressed include scalable value-cache-based compression schemes for multiprocessors, combining source routing and dynamic fault tolerance, and virtual-machine-based intrusion detection on file-aware block level storage.
At the block level, the Oakland Police department has revitalized the Neighborhood Watch program originally established in the 1960s.
Today's designers face the challenges of accurately simulating mixed digital and analog at the block level and accurately simulating soft and hard IPs at the full chip level.
When choosing a solid-state disk-cache solution, the user has two choices-file level or block level caching.
SAN or DAS block level storage devices in contrast cannot serve data to clients without the help of a server running a file system, because they don't include a file system.
-- Block level incremental backup of changed database pages