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a plain hand-drawn letter

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(Additional information can be provided in smaller type.) At the top of the neon poster, put "Reward" in big block letters; at the bottom, the words "Lost Dog." The flyer should be taped in the middle of the poster in a clear plastic sheet protector for weatherproofing; there should be a photo of the dog in the center and words describing the dog's breed, appearance or color ("White Greyhound," "Rottweiler Blue Collar").
In block letters written with black marker on the front, it read aACAyFor Ed, because he is brilliant!' followed by Macca's renowned signature.
Her designs radiate a fantastically bonkers energy, from bra tops whose triangles look like clip art pizza slices to a sweater scrawled with the brattiest of four-letter-words, YUCK, in slime green block letters. With a background in performance art and time spent studying at both RISD and Central Saint Martins, Degen sees her garments as wearable conversation starters, and she's happy to let her aesthetic choices remain open to interpretation.
One wonders how a vinyl sign with block letters could ever suffice.
AT Christmas I saw a lot of decorations spelling out words such as "snow" and "Noel" in individual block letters. Where can I get something similar, without a Christmas theme.
We do not block letters from publication for ideological reasons; indeed, we feel a special obligation to print comments made in response to our editorials and news coverage.
The cover of the November 2011 issue, celebrating 70 years of Sky & Telescope history, made me wonder when and why it came to be that the long-enduring cover banner ("Sky" in partial script font, with a telescope icon) was changed to the red square with only the magazine's name in block letters.
Evanna said: "It was the best letter ever - it said, in big block letters, 'OH MY GOD!'"
Spa organic votive candles 7.95 each, Ethical Superstore, 0845 00 99 016, When modern methods replaced the old printing presses, thousands of block letters became redundant.
They were also shown block letters two to three inches high, white on a black background at waist height.
Tonight we sit in the diner, red block letters pulsing in our spoons.
By POST: Complete the coupon in block letters and send your application, with your crossed cheque, payable to 'Triple Choice' to: Sunday Mercury, Sunday School Favourites DVD Offer, Fastforward Music Limited, 1 Sorrel Horse Mews, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1LN.
Well, first I had to fill out the form - in block letters in black ink of course.
And white block letters spelled out System Failure.
By Telephone: 0845 130 7778 quoting reference SUNM1511 (weekdays from 9am to 5pm) By post: Please complete the coupon in block letters and send your application, with your crossed cheque, payable to Triple Choice to: Sunday Mail, Pub Quiz Vol.1 DVD Offer, PO Box 142, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5FJ.