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a grant of federal money to state and local governments to support social welfare programs

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An allocation of $698 million should go toward Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant in the fiscal year 2020 federal budget, the advocates said.
Zubiri made the assurance after the Congress bicameral conference committee on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) voted Monday to make the release of the annual block grant for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region less stringent.
We now have automatic appropriation of the block grant. We will keep the block grant similar to the IRA or Internal Revenue Allotment of the local governments, similar to the IRA of local governments, wherein it is automatically appropriated and the Sangguniang Bayan or the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is the body that will craft the budget similar to what will be happening in the Bangsamoro government wherein the parliament will craft the budget automatically appropriated to them through a block grant,' Zubiri said.
In its latest review, the city identified $1.83 million in unexpended block grant money that had been earmarked for 22 programs and services, exceeding the cap of 1.5 times the annual allocation.
Their rates are also taken into account by the block grant.
The features of the proposed Block Grant Scheme are as follows:-
The revised bill has four parts: It outlines what the block grant would look like; identifies Medicaid reforms that Texas could implement already, such as cost-sharing requirements and co-payments; sets up a separate program to potentially draw down federal financing to help individuals at or below 133 percent of the poverty level find private market coverage; and sets up an oversight committee for both programs.
What Jane Hutt the Welsh Finance Minister and Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander have now agreed is that the Treasury will, in the near future, not deduct from the block grant specific borrowings for big infrastructure projects.
"You could easily see block grant proposals like this becoming part of a larger debt reduction plan or being tied into a farm bill later this year or next year," the aide said.
ERIC Descriptors: Child Care; Block Grants; Federal Aid; Low Income Groups; Infants; Toddlers
2055, signed by the president just before Christmas, included a nearly $40 million increase for the Mental Health Block Grant program, the first increase for that program in nearly 10 years.
The state government, meanwhile, has objected to the block grant idea.
The PI provides instructions for implementing a requirement enacted last December in the Claims Resolution Act of 2010, which included an extension of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families block grant through Sept.
Prof Cole said the real impact of the spending review on Welsh transport would be felt once the Assembly Government had concluded its budget after it receives its block grant.
The plans include cutting basic and higher income tax rates in Scotland by 10p in the pound, reducing the current block grant.