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a diagram showing the interconnections between the components of system (especially an electronic system)

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Caption: Figure 1: A generalized block diagram of a multichannel system the formation of signals of georadars with a synthesized aperture.
We then draw a block diagram in Figure 8 and execute simulation for Case 8 in Table 3, as shown in Figure 9.
Caption: Figure 1: Block diagram of the oven-controlled temperature compensation system with FBAR die.
Figure 1, shows the block diagram of a system with transfer function G(s) and output Y(s).
4 shows the block diagram of the voltage balancing controller, which is responsible for active power balancing among the individual H-bridge units, thus generates the difference voltage reference.
Then our tool generates a Simulink model (Figure 7) from the internal block diagram of CruiseControlSystem block (Figure 5).
One of the more common process mapping tools is the Block diagram. This is a diagram of a system, in which the principal parts or functions are represented by blocks connected with lines that show the relationships among the blocks.
A reliability block diagram is a graphical representation of how the components and subsystems of a system are 'reliability-wise' connected.
* Streamline block diagram with the flexible merge errors nodes: Instead of using a handful of merge error nodes to combine error data, the new node expands to collect as many error wires as the code requires, reducing clutter on the block diagram.
Steps 9-12 (Layout): Create the Block Diagram, Develop Standard Operations, Facility Layout, Design IPKs
BlockSim is said to provide a comprehensive and flexible platform to model systems and processes using both reliability block diagram (RBD) and fault tree analysis (FTA) approaches.
The Internal Block diagram template describes the interrelationship between the movement components.