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a vote proportional in magnitude to the number of people that a delegate represents

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Thus in 1990, the unions' voting power at the Party Conference, its sovereign policy-making body, was cut from 90% to 70%; in 1992, one-member-one-vote rules were introduced for the selection of parliamentary candidates, thereby reducing the weight of union bloc votes at the constituency level; and Tony Blair, the new party leader, announced immediately after his election in the summer of 1994 that the unions would enjoy no special access to a future Labour Government.
'Hence, I want to assure the incoming governor of Ogun State on behalf of other traditional rulers that Ogun Waterside is your home and we will show that through our bloc votes for you during the poll.'
Members of the sect are known to strictly follow directives of the church leadership under the INC's tenet of obedience under the threat of expulsion, and thus are able to deliver bloc votes to anointed politicians.
The ruling coalition will be able to pass it using its two-thirds majority in the lower house during the extended session if the opposition bloc votes down the bill in the upper house.
In their quest to get Ogbomoso bloc votes, both the APC and PDP led opposition have in series of meetings since last week, assured Alao Akala of a huge stake in their government, with Alao Akala stating that he had to meet his party leaders to decide whose bid was highest before making his decision known.
If the opposition bloc votes down the bill or holds off taking a vote until Jan.
Therefore, we want to assure leaders of the PDP in the state that we shall deliver bloc votes for the party during the February 16 and March 2 generation elections in the state.'
The leaders of thought noted that the people of Kwara North senatorial district had been yearning for solid representation in the post-2019 government in the state and that since the PDP had been thoughtful enough to offer them a plan which recognised the importance of the zone in the political equation, then the party should be rest assured that it will have bloc votes from the zone at all levels in the coming elections.