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Synonyms for blob

Synonyms for blob

an indistinct shapeless form

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Accordingly, these competing forces created oscillations of expansion and contraction, like an oscillating ball suspended between two springs: gravity compressed denser regions into high-density blobs while photon pressure expanded less-dense regions into low-density blobs.
Lures and Blobs took over when the night became colder.
Empirically selected limits for Density < 0.25 and for Ratio < 0.15 guarantee that filtered BLOBs will be square connected components possibly similar to QR code PDPs even though these patterns may be rotated or in perspective.
"The observations show the blobs moving over time," Sahai said.
Native SharePoint SQL storage is very expensive and hugedatabase volumes can impact performance, so organizations leverage remote BLOB solutions like StorSimple to externalize BLOB data to reduce storage costs and increase performance, said Tom McCaffrey, product director for enterprise solutions, Kroll Ontrack.
Let us check out step by step how clustering works out for coded target; if it starts at blob a first, blob b will be added into cluster next, for it is within the adjacent area of blob a, and then come blobs c and d; clustering will keep going until no more adjacent blobs are found.
It doesn't tell you anyths ing a boring old fixture list doesn't, but the more visual nature of the blobs is good for predicting how things might pan out.
Elaine's "Blob Flowers" project was a perfect solution for my fifth-grade artists.
Matthew Hayes (University of Toulouse, France) and others recently studied the largest known Lyman-alpha blob, named LAB1.
ITS mysterious appearance in America inspired the alien horror movie The Blob.
It may sound like the title of a B-movie, but astronomers have captured rare images of a space object called a Lyman-alpha blob.
Washington, August 18 (ANI): For the first time, a team of astronomers has found polarisation in an unusual object called a Lyman-alpha blob. And this observation may help to unlock the mystery of how the blobs shine.
The brightly-coloured game sees players joining blobs of the same colour in lines of three or more to clear them and let more drop down.
Metalogix StoragePoint achieves these benefits by externalizing SharePoint content Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) so that they may be stored on less-expensive or more appropriate storage systems, like EMC's VMAX, VNX Series, Centera, Atmos, and Data Domain.